12 Months of Random Acts of Kindess for 2018

So by now my regular readers and followers will know that it has been a while since I posted. In fact I haven't posted since September. Over 3 months since my last blog post. 3 months since my last video even. And Instagram? Well over on Instagram I've only shared a snippet of our life. The laptop has barely opened and so right now as I type, it all feels strange, yet also feels like I am where I am meant to be, speaking of meant to be, the new year upon us has, obviously, got me thinking about a whole host of things. But especially where I want to be, New Years resolutions have been put in place (I shan't bore you with the list of the usual...gym, me time, blah blah and more blah!) But what I did think I would share with you is this list (and FREE printable planner) of 12 ways me and the monsters are going to pay it forward in 2018, or at least try too, with these 12 random acts of kindness, month by month.

Random acts of kindess for 2018. 12 ideas families can complete.