How To Start A Painted Rock Community PLUS Painted Rock Ideas To Get You Started

At the end of summer I noticed a group that kept popping up on my Facebook, it was a group about making someone smile by hiding a painted/decorated rock and I really wanted to be a part of it-except this group was the other side of the country- I didn't let this beat me though, I collected some rocks and me and the kids set about decorating them, then with hope in our hearts we set of and hid them, we got home and opened a Facebook page, Skegness Rocks, and I added my friends, whilst my anxiety nagged in my head that they would all think I was completely of my rocker I pushed these thoughts out of my head, and then, something I truly never believed would happen, happened, and they started adding their friends, and within 7 days we had a thousand members.  And not only were they adding friends they were getting involved too, and in that week the community had racked up over 100 stones, scattered around our little seaside town.

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Think that your community would love something like this? Firstly, there are loads of painted rock community's about, just take a look on Facebook and see if your town has one, if not why not start one up? Just go for it!

You can use things like paint, chalk, crayons, sharpies, whatever- to decorate, as long as it has a coat of sealer over it to help preserve the art. On the back of your masterpiece use a permanent marker asking the finder to post a picture to the Facebook Page, that is if you make one, and you can also write Keep Me or Re Hide Me.


So,now what, you have your rocks and you want to decorate them, well here are some ideas to get you started....

Why not try one of these methods ...

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Want more ideas? Check out these books...


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