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Imagine my delight when we were asked by Spinmaster to review the brand new, and just released, Luvabella doll! /you haven't heard of Luvabella? Where have you been! She is set to be the NUMBER ONE selling toy for Christmas 2017 and, let me tell you this doll has caused some controversy since a video of the prototype went viral on Facebook at the beginning of the year! Why? Well, with her true-to-life facial expressions and personality! Not only does she move, talk and play just like a real baby. Through touch and play she affectionately responds to your love from the moment she opens her eyes and giggles, even learning new skills, just like a real baby! So what did we think? How did we get on? And, more to the point is Luvabella worth her £99.99 price tag? Read on to find out...

Luvabella was a big secret, with only select members of the household, meaning those who could keep a secret, knowing about her imminent arrival! When she did arrive everyone was at school, apart from Jenson, who was home from school recovering the sickness bug. He knew about Luvabella and was so excited that she had arrived, and he knew that his little sisters would fall in love as soon as they saw her too! 

I did attempt a 'surprise' video but ohhhh lordy...the less said about that the better! Lots if excitement ensued and after alot a little arguing over who Luvabella belonged too, we finally got in the box to have a little play! Luckily I had seen another blogger post about which batteries are needed (which is 4 x C size for reference) and had stcoked up before our parcel had arrived. Now with it being the end of the month cheapo Poundland batteries were all we could afford, and I'll be honest I was worried that they wouldn't work (like other well known interactive toys!) but they did work and 3 weeks later the batteries are still going strong!

She comes with 4 interactive accessories, a spoon, a bottle, a dummy  and her favourite Lamby toy – all of which make Luvabella play in different ways. But don't worry if the toys get lost in the bottom of a toy box, or in Dad's car that is at his work, you can still play with Luvabella. 

By holding the bottle up to her face (with the teat just above her top lip) she will open her mouth, so you can put the bottle in her mouth and not only does she make sucking sounds...she sucks too!

Using the spoon to feed her, we found that the best way to get her to open her mouth is to put the flat of the spoon flat against her lips) and she will say 'ahhhhh' allowing you to put the spoon in her mouth and not only will she 'eat' she will tell you what she's eating, we have had lots of healthy choices, pineapple, pear, banana. And she will even exclaim how 'yummy' her food is! The more she eats the more food words she can say.

After feeding, just like a real baby, Luvabella will need to be winded, this is simply done by patting her back, she lets out a belch and sometimes says 'excuse me', in what I can only describe as the cutest voice ever!

Now she is all fed you will want to play with her, this can be done in 3 different ways. You can tickle her feet and hear her giggle, or you can play peekaboo, and she will play along too. Just cover her eyes for a few seconds and when you move you hand away Luvabella will call out Peekaboo and wave her arms up and down! Clever huh!

Lastly, Luvabella LOVES to play with her favourite toy lamb. As you hold it up to her lips she will blow it a kiss, and then has a go at an animal sound and name.  The best thing is that the more you play with Luvabella the more she learns, so play with her once and she will probably just baa...keep playing with Lamby and eventually she will moo like a cow, crow like a cockerel, ribbit like a frog and more!

Now just like a real baby, Luvabella can get fed of up of the play and will cry, at this point her dummy comes in real handy and works to soothe her when she is upset. Or you can lay her down with her bottle and she will fall asleep, with a little snore! Too cute!

Ohh and how could I forget, she also HAS A HEARTBEAT! Lay Luvabella down and lay your hand across her chest to hear it, super cute and Evie was just amazed at this! All the things this doll can do, and Evie was mind blown at the heartbeat!

Now, lastly, unlike a real baby, and luckily for us parents, Luvabella has an on/off switch, so when you have had enough of hearing the mooing, the baaing, the belching and the chatting, you simply flick the switch on her back to off, until the next day when all the fun can start again!

With so many ways to play, she is the ideal super gift for any doll lover, and well worth the pricey tag attached. Have you had a play with Luvabella yet? Or is she on your little ones list for Santa? If she is be quick, she is sure to sell out super fast, s get on those waiting lists now! 

Luvabella is recommended for children 4+.

We were sent Luvabella in return for this review. All word are honest and my own.

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