What My Kid Wore Wednesday | Thrifty Fashion For Kids #9

Welcome back guys! Sorry I have been so up and down with posting our outfits, this summer has been cray! I love linking up to the What My Kid Wore Wednesday linky (if you love kids fashion go check it out!) I know last month I promised I would be back every week, but I mean I do not know where the weeks go, but here we are almost a month later! Anyhoooo, here I go babbling again! This week I thought I would share Evie's hand picked outfit!

So it may well be September, and it may well rain for at least half the day, but that will not stop Evie dressing for the summer! She is such a sun lover, she absolutely loves a dress! 

Now, I emptied all of our wardrobes of anything summer (lets face it, we ain't getting no more sun this year!) and replaced sandles for boots in the shoe boxes, there was a meltdown of epic proportions because all her H&M sundresses were gone! Then just as I thought that this was my life for the next 6+ months, she caught sight of her new boots, and instantly calmed herself. (If there is one thing she loves more than a sun dress, its a pair of new shoes!). So, after the boots were on, she came back to the wardrobe and chose this dress, that, believe it or not, used to be Ellie's! In some twist of fate, this dress was handed to my cousins children and then got passed to a cousins children's friends and then got handed back to me a couple of years ago! I have tried to find a photo of Ellie wearing it but alas, I cant find one anywhere! 

The dress in question is this gorgeous berry coloured Next dress. I absolutely loved it on Ellie, and I love it just as much on Elsie! I love the lace detail and delicate frills. And the colour? I just adore this colour! 

Teamed with her Next frilled denim jacket (still online, £16) and a Primark butterfly/flower headband, she was totally rocking the festival look!

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  1. I love this outfit, she looks so grown up. The colour of the dress and boots are just perfect for Autumn and i love the frill detail to the denim jacket. Evie is totally rocking it.

  2. What a cute outfit! I love passing down clothes from my eldest girl to my youngest girl. There's something special about the memories it evokes! It's great that this one has been passed around and come back to you!

  3. Oooh what a lovely transitional outfit for the autumn weather that's starting to happen! Love the deep red colour and the super cute denim jacket :) Thanks for linking up with us on What My Kid Wore! x #WMWKK


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