9 Tips For Saving Money In The Run Up To Christmas

Hands up who over spent over the summer? Now hands up who has seen the 13 weekends until Christmas memes on Facebook and panicked a little more than they should have! I asked some money saving bloggers for tips on how you can save money in the final months of the year in the run up to Christmas.

Instead of cutting back on essentials work harder and make some money online. Have an eBay clear out, complete some surveys or take part in paid market research for a cash boost - Katy

I've been saving 1p's, 2p's, & 5p's in a jar for our holiday, when we come back I will do the same for Christmas - they soon add up! - Stacey

Have a clear out of the children's old clothes and toys, sell them on Facebook groups, gumtree and eBay. Ready to spend on Christmas gifts and re-fill with all their new items - Sarah

I use TopCashback ... I let it build up throughout the year so that there's £300 or so ready to use for Santa's list - Tracey

Utilise sales/money off events at the shops before Christmas. Buying little bits here and there really stack up.  As a blogger I also pool vouchers I get from blogging projects as they too mount up and help the cost - Beth

I also save up my Nectar & Tesco Clubcard points to spend at Christmas, as well as payments for surveys I do throughout the year, I save up & cash out at Christmas. We limit days out too, preferring to do things that are free (walks in the woods, visiting local parks etc.) or things that have already been paid for in advance (we have an annual zoo pass & English heritage membership), and other budget trips like Movies for Juniors at the cinema, and bowling at the family discount times - Claire

I'm a Quidco user and I let that build up over the year. And then we cut back where necessary on lunches out and expensive day trips - Stacey

I use an app called Chip. It calculates how much comes in and out of your account and automatically saves money. I'll use this money towards my Christmas fund - Pete

and lastly if all else fails, remember Debbie's tip and realise that you don't need to spend money to have a good time as a family. Being with you is what your child really wants rather than expensive gifts and days out all the time - and then the big things become more special too.

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  1. Wooooooooooow, I totally love the tips given above to help in saving some money for Christmas. Of course I would want this Christmas to be the best ever for my kids. I have planned to buy them some amazing Christmas gifts that they should appreciate. Thanks for the tips, I will surely try them out and see the outcome.


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