My Little Loves August 2017

I absolubtly love the Little Loves linky and its always been one of my favourite posts to write, I've dabbled in the linky a couple of times and now I have established a blogging routine I hope that I can keep up, but rather than joining in weekly I have decided I will share my Little Loves at the end of each month.

As we head back into the madness of the school year, this will be my place to breath and take a look back at some of the months positives. Its easy to sit here and say 'oh I can't wait for the kids to go back to school' but I'll be honest, as much as they have been pains and more than a little naughty, and we need a routine back, we have had some fun times and there have been many 'little loves' moments...

There was a time, that the summer would mean I could get through a couple of books, relaxing on a sun lounger, vodka and lemonade (or a cocktail) by my side and book on my lap as I casually sizzled in the sun...That was pre-kids, and now I hardly ever get to read, but 6 weeks ago I promised myself that I would read at least 2 books over the summer. OBVS, this didn't happen but I am halfway through the laugh out loud funny Bad Mothers Diary (Suzy K Quinn). The book replaced by the kindle app on an old phone, vodka replaced by coffee and the sunlounger swapped for my bed for a spot of early morning reading whilst the kids ransack the bedrooms before whining for breakfast around 6am!!

I feel like I have watched a lot of c*ap TV this summer! Jeremy Kyle? Check! This Morning? Tick! Every single soap going? Ohhh Yes!! Could I tell you what actually happened? Nope! They just seemed to be on in the background whilst I pottered about doing a million and one jobs, from breaking up fights, to sorting out food for hungry kids, to putting away approximately 5 million loads of washing and threatning to chuck every single toy in the bin! I can't wait to get back the evenings when I can catch up on GBBO and I can not tell you how excited I am to sit and find out who killed Amy Barnes (Hollyoaks in case you don't know!)

In between the baking (blueberry and lemon scones anyone?), and the crafts I'm gonna be cheesy and say my little love from August are the memories we made! From visits to the farm to simple walks along the beach. We have had a blast this summer!

After a dismal start to the summer, where I mostly wore a rain coat and jeans (boooo!!) I finally gotten around to wearing a dress that I had bought from Pep and Co, a gorgeous shirt dress with pretty embroidered flowers down it. You can see it in our HUGE Summer Payday Haul.

I am obsessed with Spotify! I haven't had it switched off for a second all summer, I forgot how happy music made me! From singalong 80's (don't lie, we all have it on our playlist!) to some classic 90's indie pop...and there may well be a couple of more up to date songs (I think Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are on their too). I have found music to be a good way of coping with my anxiety...who knew..there are also kick ass woman on the playlist, hello Destinys Child, Christina and yes...The Pussycat Dolls! 

Obviously back to school means shopping for all the supplies...and let me tell you I have bought so much un-needed stationary! Like SO much! Anybody else feel better when they have bought a new planner? I always kinda feel there are 2 parts of the year...2 new years if you must...Anyhow, I'm off to plan some more, and bake some after school snacks for next week, because thats what we do in September isn't it! Give it a couple of weeks and Freddos and the bakery will be my best friends again!! 

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  1. What a lovely summer you've had! You've definitely made some wonderful memories. I too am a huge advocate of Spotify, it provides the soundtrack to my every day for sure.
    Hope you're having a good week x


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