5 Ways To Make Your House Feel New (without moving home!)

Hands up if your bored of your home? Bored of looking at the same walls, bored of looking at the same wallpaper. Hands up who would love to move house? But you know, it makes so much more sense to improve the house you have by renovating and redecorating, following these 5 tips you can easily transform your home making it feel like you live in a completely new house...but without the hassle.

1. Replace Curtains.

It’s so easy to get bored of a room, especially when you spend most of your time in it. Its easy to stop noticing things that need replacing, because they’ve been there for more years than you care to remember! I recently realised that the curtains in my bedroom and living room are 12 years old! 12 YEARS!  It makes sense that by replacing these will completely rejuvenate the house, if you are on a budget and cant afford to change a whole room at once try introducing a new colour or pattern. This new colour can then be gradually added through other accessories like cushions, wall art, candles etc. 

2. Re-purpose 'junk'

One mans junk is another mans treasure! One person might throw out the old crates, others will turn them upside down and use them as shelving! 

3. Change your duvet covers. 

If you are like me you probably have 2 duvet sets. One nice set and one not so nice set that you use whilst the nice set is in the wash! Julian Charles have a great range of duvet covers that will automatically update any bedroom! With luxury bed sets from just £25 it can easily be done on a budget too!

4. Update what you already have!

Make something old new again, we have wooden book shelves in the alcoves of our living room, by sanding them down and repainting in a fresh new white, or trendy grey Anne Sloan we can give the house a whole new look! In fact why have I not done this sooner! (mentally adding this to the list of 'things to do')

5. Replace worktops or cupboard doors. 

Ok so not as easy as the other tips in this list, but still a lot easier, and cheaper than getting a brand new kitchen! You could even just cover them with a wipe clean, heat resistant sticky back plastic, like this marble effect self adhesive vinyl from Amazon (just £6.99 for 2 metres!)

This is a collaborative post.

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