Tips For Dealing With Chicken Pox

So your child has chicken pox and your googling ALL the tips for dealing with it! From oat baths to calamine lotion you have read it all! But what really works? What are other Mums and Dads top tips for dealing with the dreaded pox! I asked around and here are all the tips you will ever need.

Now, speaking from my own experience, every child is different,when Ellie got it she was fine, like nothing was wrong. BUT when Evie got it, it was the most horrific experience, she was absolubtly covered in spots, was sick and had a temperature for 15 days. We tried everything and nothing worked, despite it working the week before with Jenson, so having said that and wanting to add that, of course I have no medical experience, nor does anyone else on this blog post, so take everything with a pinch of salt and if it works? Brilliant! If not? Move along to the next top tip...until you find the one thing that works for you! I'm praying you find the one thing that works for you!!

To be honest, I think it depends on the child and how bad they get it! Sleep in shifts, let them eat chocolate buttons if that's all they'll have and make sure you've got Peppa Pig ready at 4am!

Socks on their hands whilst they sleep to prevent them scratching the spots in the night

Cool Oat baths

Calamine cream NOT lotion as the lotion dries out and makes it more itchy after the original soothing whereas cream absorbs in.

 I love this stuff called poxclin which keeps the skin really moist and helps prevent scaring. But best thing was to fill up the paddling pool with water and a ball of oatmeal tied in a sock. Http://

Best thing was bathing in bicarbonate of soda, it really soothed the itching and dried up the spots. It also had an added bonus or making my wedding ring super sparkly. Every cloud and that... also, lathering them in Eurax really helped. It smells amazing too so we called it her spot perfume. Even now when she smells Eurax she says it smells of chicken pox!

Distraction is probably the best remedy of all. Keep your child busy, bake a cake, do some sticking, bounce on the trampoline. What ever they feel well enough to do, allow them to as it takes their mind off how uncomfortable they are and they are far less likely to scratch. If your child get spots around their genital areas (and this seems to happen quite often) try to keep them nappy free (if they still wear one) as otherwise this just makes the area hot and painful.

So what are your tips for dealing with the pox? Have you tried one of these tips and it worked? Let me know in the comments below!

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