5 Essentials For...Keeping Kids Entertained On Holiday (Bubbablue and Me Guest Posts)

I don't know about you but I love a list! Especially a list that helps you out, with this in mind I created the 5 Essentials For, a guest post series for parenting and lifestyle bloggers. This week Emma is sharing her top 5 essentials for keeping kids entertained on holiday. A great list as we head into the peak of summer.

Emma blogs at Bubbablue and me, blogging about life on and off the farm with her 6 year old son and a farmer husband who keeps well off the blog! You can find her on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram

When you go on a family holiday you always end up taking so much paraphernalia with you, you don’t want to take tonnes of toys.  The hope is that you’ll have good weather and the children will just spend all day playing outside. But don't forget the journey, early mornings, evenings and of course the rain, that means taking some toys with you is a sensible idea.

1. Arts  and crafts supplies
We tend to take a colouring pad, sticker pad, plain notepad and pens.  Then there’s a variety and I can try and encourage writing as well as just drawing tractors or colouring in.  You can get really small postcard sized colouring books which are great for keeping luggage to a minimum.
Craft packs are also a great item to take on holiday.  Last year camping I took a mosaic picture pack with us, and all the kids from age 4 to 11 spent a good hour sticking their mosaic pictures.  This year we took a smaller pack again, and N several times had other children coming over to help him out.  If you want some quiet time, something crafty but simple is great entertainment and helps calm down hyper children.

2. Lego
Ok, so taking lots of little pieces away on holiday might be your worst nightmare, but take a little box of odds and sods with you to get their brain working creatively, or take a treat box for them to make up while away.  It will keep them entertained and they can build something different each day.  We take a small ice cream tub that shuts securely – it doesn’t take up much room in a trunki case.

3. Teddy bear
N would take all of his soft toys on holiday given the chance, but we limit it to 2 if we’re staycationing, or one if we’re flying somewhere.  If the toys help them sleep then it’s a no brainer.  Just don’t lose the teddy while away.

4. Kite
We have so many pocket kites in our house (leftover party bag gifts from a couple of years ago), and they’re brilliant.  Even 4/5 year olds can cope with them, and they can be flown in fairly strong winds.  Great for the beach, a hotel garden or camp site.  And they don’t take up much space in luggage either.

5. Puzzle toy
I’m not talking a jigsaw puzzle but a little toy that keeps the child thinking to reach a solution.  It could be a Rubik’s cube for older children, or N has a Rubik’s magic that I loved in my childhood…they’re also good for us parents once the kids go to bed.  Or what about those little block games with ball-bearings you have to tip and roll to get the balls into the right holes or slots.  Hours of entertainment and no mess. 

Thanks Emma, what a great list! Great idea to take craft packs, why have I never thought of that! 

Can you think of anything not mentioned here? Or do you have 5 more essentials? If you are a blogger or reader and want to share your 5 Essentials for anything, then get in touch by emailing me at oneluckymummy2013@gmail.com and use 5 Essentials in the subject line. 

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  1. Thanks for having me. I always try to get ideas from what I see others take. This year I was impressed by campers with gold up football goal and mini badminton met.


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