Emoji Movie Inspired Popcorn Mix

Hands up if your little ones are super excited for the Emoji Movie? It was released on August 4th and my mini monsters are super excited to go this weekend. To get them in the mood we made this super fun popcorn mix inspired by all of our favourite emojis! Not that I will be bagging it up and smuggling it into the cinema...because that is frowned upon and apparently very very naughty...ahem...

This popcorn mix could have had so many different fillings! With over 2500 emojis existing in 2017 (according to emojipedia) This popcorn mix could have absolutely anything you desire! I chose some classics and asked the kids there favourite emojis...after finally managing to whittle it down, of course the poop emoji was mentioned, as was the pizza emoji! Of course we weren't going to include real pizza...queue a trip around every shop in town to find the gummy pizzas...could I find them? Could I heck! I ordered from Amazon (paying way over the odds!) and then went to Tesco and there they were sat on the sweetie shelf for just 35p per pizza! 

Anyways...enough chat, you came here for emoji popcorn not my babble...

You will need:
emoji gummy sweets (I was going to use yellow smarties and M&M's but the kids saw these and went nuts over them!)
mini cookies (we used cookie cereal)
gummy pizza
chocolate iced gems (emoji poop anyone!!) 
icecream foam sweets

Super simple, as usual, just chuck it all in a bowl and give it a good old mix up to make sure everyone gets a bit of everything.

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  1. What a great idea.
    Have a fab time at the cinema. If it is a Vue one you are allowed to take your own snacks and drinks in. hehehe I found that out last time we went x


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