Easy DIY Cereal Box Notebook

Back to school can be a pretty stressy time for a preteen, that back to school shop when you want something different to everyone else! But the fact is, with only a couple of shops around and money tight, its Poundland and Wilkos like everyone else, that is unless you fancy trying some easy DIY! Not only do you save money but you will have something completely unique too! Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some quick and easy stationery DIY's to fill school bags and desks with items that are completely unique to the maker, starting with this super simple 5 minute craft that turns an old cereal box and some paper into a notebook.

What you need:
Cereal box
Craft knife (or scissors)
Large elastic band (or string)
Permanent markers

This simple DIY is so easy, you will be wondering why you have ever bought notebooks and not made them before! Can you believe this is made from an old cereal box and some stickers we picked up for 39p and you could have your own, in just a few simple steps!

Start by unfolding the cereal box and cutting either the front or back, along the creases and making sure to remove any flaps. Once you have done that fold it in half and decorate with your stickers and marker pens. We went with a very on trend flamingo and pineapple theme. (I looked online at pineapple and flamingo stationary and can you believe there are some notebooks for £15!!) 

We then had to cut our paper down to size slightly (you may or may not need to do this, depending on how big your cereal box is), then folded the paper in half too and used a large elastic band to hold it all together along the fold.

See I told you! Simple...like so so simple! Why not give it a try today and share this post with your friends so they can see just how easy it is too have their own personalised notebooks too!

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