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So you want to make banana bread, or more you want to make banana bread with the kids, you need an easy banana bread recipe you can make quickly with minimum mess and lots of enjoyment? Then this is the recipe for you and your tot! From scooping to squishing this super easy banana bread recipe has it all!

You will need:

Mixing bowl, scales, mixing spoon, cup, whisk, teaspoon, fork, and a loaf tray (alternatively we use these disposable foil takeaway trays)

50g soft butter (plus extra for greasing)
50g brown sugar
1 egg
150g flour
1/2tsp baking powde
1/2tsp mixed spice
1 banana

Elsie was able to make this all by herself with minimum contact from me, you know your tot though and they may need a little more help, especially if they are new to baking. 

Start by greasing your baking tray, we used our fingers but for less mess you could use some greaseproof paper!

Next, measure out the butter and the sugar, I use a washable marker to colour in where the scales need to stop, this meant Elsie was able to scoop and pour until she reached the line without me having to intervene! Add to your mixing bowl and mix together well. 

Next get a cup and crack you egg, we use the 'knock on the door' method (knock, knock, gently on the table, then push fingers gently in the crack and 'open' the door) whisk it up and pour into the sugar and butter mixture, again stirring well.

Now measure out the flour and add that to the mixing bowl along with the baking powder and mixed spice. Give it a good old stir and then its the messy as you like part...

Peel the banana and using a plate cut, or tear, it into small pieces, next up it needs to be smashed so using either or a fork (to stay clean) or your fingers (if you really want to get messy) mash up the banana until there are minimum lumps, then ad to the mixing bowl and give it another good stir before scooping the mixture into the foil tray and baking for around 30 minutes on 180c. 

Tastes best fresh out of the oven, but is just as yummy for up to 3 days in a covered carton. Oh and you can also freeze, once fully cooled and sliced!


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