Blog Stars Little Stars REVISITED

Back in 2014, I started a little guest post blogging series for parent bloggers 'Blog Stars Little Stars' in which my favourite bloggers asked their little stars questions about themselves, it made for some interesting answers, from mummies drinking beer, to favourite places being the hospital. So I thought it was time to bring it back. So today I am relaunching Blog Stars Little Stars the same way I launched it many moons ago...asking my little monsters some burning questions! Do they know ow old I am? Do they know my favourite food? And where do they think is my favourite place? Lets get started...

So this month I am kicking things off with one my 4 little monsters, I filmed the kids answers, but if you fancy taking part you don't have to use video, I just thought it would be some fun content to look back on for my YouTube channel (we upload 3 times a week, if you don't sub yet you can subscribe here)

So here is what Evie had to say...

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Parent Blogger Guest Post Series

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