Potty Training Tips - How We Went from Wet to Dry (Day and Night) In Less Than A Week

Potty training. Something all us parents have to go through. And, I wont lie, its the thing I get asked about most, what are my tips and how did I get my toddler potty trained in a week day and night! I thought this could be something that could really help out some of my readers, so here it is, especially for you, my top tips to getting your toddler dry day and night in less than a week!

The only potty training tips you will ever need, 100% success rate AND try day and night in less than a week!

Before I start, there is one thing you need to know.

This potty training game is only gonna work if if both YOU and your child are ready!


In my 12+ years of nursery nursing I've come across every single method of potty training going!

From choosing to only potty train at nursery in the hope they will 'just get it', to trying it for an hour a day. The failed methods all have one thing in common, the parents are NEVER ready!

Attempting to potty train a just turned 2 year old who has never seen a potty before and is showing no signs of being ready? NOPE!

Also that whole stopping and starting, 'we will try another time' won't work either, I mean if you start and stop for a valid reason then fair enough but I've looked after children who's parents stopped potty training because after just a couple of days 'they keep wetting themselves'.

I mean! OF COURSE they wet themselves!  You can not go into this blind and expect a child who has worn a nappy for their whole life to all of a sudden stop peeing at random intervals!

You have to expect accidents to happen.

They are inevitable. There is gonna be a whole lot of washing to be done, so prepare for a few days of a full washing line!

If you think you are going to get your toddler trained with no accidents then stop right now,  do not read any further!  You should not be starting potty training at all because, Im sorry to sound harsh, but Mama, YOU are not ready! So for now, just pin this post and come back another time!

Now my method has a 100% success rate going way back to when I started looking after other Mummy and Daddy's bundles of joys as a nursery nurse, I have used this method to help 100's of children, plus my 4 bundles of joy too!

So, want to hear my story?

I can't really remember potty training Ellie, I will be honest, as a full time mum working 12 hours a day 5 days a week, and co-parenting with her Dad every other weekend, I'm not sure how I decided it was time. But all I know is I followed this method and 5 days after we started the potty training she was dry all day, an occasional accident over the next couple of days and then from day 7...she never wet herself again!

Fast forward to it becoming time to potty train Jenson, honestly, I'd not given potty training much of a thought, I was pregnant with Elsie and suffered SPD so it wasn't really at the forefront of my mind. Then one day, January 2013, when I decided that now was the time that we were both ready to get potty trained!

So as I had done, a whole 7 years previous, we were going cold turkey, with all but one of the pull up's used, we put his pants on and it was a 'pants and t-shirt day', for quick access to the potty! We bought a fun novelty kitchen timer from Poundland and set it for every 30 minutes, when the timer sounded he would sit on the potty for however long he wanted to, sometimes he would sit for 15 minutes, other times just 15 seconds! There was no pressure on him to do it, but lots of encouragement!

By lunchtime he still hadn't had a wee and it was now nap time, he went to sleep with his pants on and woke up 1.5 hrs later dry (phew!) he sat on the potty and we looked at a book to relax him, he did his 1st ever wee on the potty...cue a very happy mummy and I randomly started singing a very silly song and we all high fived each other and danced around whilst singing our potty song (ever so kindly demonstrated by Ellie!!!), I also gave him one of his favourite treats, as a well done too!

That first afternoon didn't go quite as well...lots of accidents but also a couple of times on the potty, each time we did our potty song, high-fived each other and he even had a chocolate Matchmaker as a well done!

That night's bedtime came and we put on his last ever pull up, I woe him to go on the potty before /i went to bed and then put him back to bed. He woke up the next morning and the pull up was bone dry!

The next day pretty much followed the same pattern as day one, but with a lot more aims on the potty (still a fair few accidents though!) So when bedtime came and no pull ups I was kinda dreading it but got ready for a night of waking up a few times with a wet Jenson. But to my surprise it didn't happen, I woke him before I went to bed, and he had a sleepy wee on the potty, I had a sleepless night and kept going to check he wasn't sleeping in wet sodden clothes, but he woke up dry and had the worlds biggest wee the next morning!

The next couple of days it got better and better, and on day 4 we had our first day of no accidents, I was amazed at how quickly he had picked it up, so we started wearing trousers, I opted for jogging bottoms so easy for him to pull up and down when needed, day 5 came and he had a couple of accidents as he didn't get quick enough with his trouser's on, but after that, day 6, was dry all day and all night and he has been ever since.

I have since used this exact same method with Evie and Elsie, and both were dry DAY AND NIGHT within 5 days.

So in a quick fire list here are my top tips:
  • First and foremost, your child MUST MUST MUST be ready! 
  • Make sure you yourself are ready, mentally, it could be a tough couple of days, it might be a tough couple of weeks but you will get there!
  • Expect accidents...this isn't a clean experince! 
  • Use your gut instinct.
  • Go 'cold turkey', I personally think it just confuses them to go from pants to nappies/pull ups and back to pants again. 
  • If they need to go out in the pushchair or car seat sit them on a folded up old towel or potty training mats to soak any accidents up. 
  • We have a no drinks after 6 o clock rule (our bedtime is 7 o clock)
  • Take your little one out with you to buy, potty's, toilet seats and pants oh and socks, everyone forgets socks!!
  • Bed mats are a god send! For placing on the sofa, in the car, in the buggy, in the bed, EVERYWHERE!
  • Find something to remind you both that it is potty time! Aim for 30 minutes time intervals and let them sit as long as the want. There are lots of apps available for this but I found them all a bit rubbish so we opted for a fun novelty timer.
  • Make it fun! for us it was the silly potty song along with silly dancing and high fives!
  • Reward when they get it right, for us it was chocolate with Jenson and Evie and marshmallows and Smarties with Elsie, You might choose stickers, marbles, a small car, I don't now whatever works for you as a family I suppose!
  • Don't fuss when they have an accident just deal with calmly: ''oh never mind lets get you cleaned up, its no big deal, it will clean''
Potty Training Essentials.

potty training essentials.

I think that is it, my top potty training tips and essentials, my way. I hope you try it and have a 100% success rate too. If you do give it a try, let me know how you get on!

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  1. The only 'secret' to successful potty training is doing it when the child is ready. If it feels too much like hard work then it's really not time.


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