Thrifty But Stylish Fashion Finds For Kids #6 | What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Welcome back guys! Another week, another outfit to share! This week has been o hit and miss with the weather! Rain one day, roastie toastie the next...then back to rain coats and wellies...then back to sun cream and sunhats! I mean make up your mind already! Luckily Sunday was nice so I got to do my fave thing of carbooting for some thrifty fashion for the kids! I managed to pick up Jenson some Adidas for just £1, and Evie chose a couple of dresses, that I am sure will make an appearance over the summer! I found Ellie a couple of tops (which I will share next week in a holiday special...Ells is of on her jollies to spend 3 weeks with her Dad, so I thought I would hare some outfit inspiration whilst I pack!) for 50p each and for Elsie I picked up this super cute dungaree set, for a super cheap...wait for it...TWENTY RUDDY PENCE!!! Nope you didn't read that wrong...20p! For a 2 piece outfit, 10p a piece! I mean how could I say no!!

Granted, the outfit isn't actually matching, but I mean who would know unless you look at the tags and see 2 different shop tags. The dungarees are from Nutmeg at Morrisons and the T-shirt is Next. I mean, I am not about to complain for 20p that's for sure! 

Dungarees (originally Nutmeg) | T-shirt (originally Next) | Shoes (Clarkes) | Flamingo (Poundland)

The yellow embroided dots match the tshirt exactly and teamed with the super soft and lightweight denim looks super up to date, and teamed with some Clarks dotty (OK so they might be love hearts!) doodles, that we picked up for £5 on Facebook, unworn and in Elsie's exact size and width, I mean it was clearly meant to be, they are super comfy and Elsie has (clearly) worn them to death!!

And that inflatable Flamingo? Well that flamingo is her new best friend! The must have accessory for 2017 for all 3 year olds! And all yours for just £1 in Poundland! It comes everywhere with us and I even had to buy a couple more today in case it pops as she has a habit of dragging the poor thing as she pretends to ride it! Obviously...I mean that is something every parent  has heard themselves say huh!

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  1. Ahhh I love seeing your bargains! And this is such a gorgeous outfit, I'd have never have known you got it from a car boot sale, that is good going! Tyler's favourite shoes are from eBay, they are Next, worn once and I got them for 99p. It's amazing what bargains you can find! Now, I am off to Poundland tomorrow to find that flamingo - I NEED IT!!! xx

  2. Aw I absolutely love a little dungaree set and this one is perfect for summer, and lovely hot weather! The shoes are so sweet as well - love them. Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you've had a great week :) x #WMKWW PS. I am quite partial to blow up flamingo too haha


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