Thrifty But Stylish Fashion Finds For Kids #7 | What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Welcome back guys! Another week, another outfit, or 3, to share! This week has been absolutely awful, weather wise, so the first week of summer has been spent indoors, mainly in our pj's but you know getting dressed on occasional days, if only for a couple of hours (in fact as I type this I am sat in my jammies, and its almost 11am!) Before school broke up I managed to get to have a look in the charity shops and grab a few bargains, if you are heading into town, I suggest you go and check out your local Oxfam, they stock mainstream stores 'seconds' and I have picked up loads of brand new Marks and Spencer school uniform for just 99p each! And I also grabbed some brand new Marvel bits for just £1,49 each too, I also spotted some brand new TU t shirts and shorts for 99p each too. They just have the tags cut out, so they cant be taken back to the stores as faulty. You should definitely go check them out!

I love dressing the kids in co-ordinated outfits, but now they are getting older, it doesn't happen as much as I would like! Gone are the days when I can dress Evie and Elsie in matching, quite rightly so, they have there own minds and they know what they like, one likes flamingos, pink and dresses and the other likes Batman, leggings and dinosaurs! 

So you can imagine my delight when this week, not only did I get them co-ordinated, I got the dress lover in jeans and the leggings lover in a dress, without so much of a moan, let alone a tantrum! I went with a monochrome theme and was all inspired by Jenson's bargain outfit from Oxfam. The BRAND NEW Marvel t shirt and the shorts, also from Oxfam, both had 'samples' tags on them and so instead of costing £5+ in a store, cost me less than £4 for both!

I don't normally like 'character' clothes, although the kids love them so I don't tend to buy them very often I quite liked this one, and knew Jenson would love it too! I love the red gold foil lettering, I think it really makes a pop! I just wish I could un-stitch the characters heads in the bottom corner! But hey Jenson is happy so I am happy!

 Marvel T-shirt £1.49 (Oxfam) | Shorts £1.99 (Oxfam)

Sticking with the monochrome theme, and Evies obsession with animals right now, I love this TU tie front shirt, with a cool zebra print. We wanted to team it with some shorts but I couldn't find any, so we went with some Primark skinny jeans instead, if you know where we can get some reasonably priced black jeans shorts from please tweet me or let me know in the comments below!

Top 99p charity shop (originally TU) | Jeans £3(ish?) Primark

Elsie's outfit is a little hand me down braces dress, with a a little white t course the t shirt is a new one because I am yet to have a child who can keep a white t shirt white enough for it to be handed down ha ha!! I love the little heart print, and I will be gutted when this wont fit anyone anymore!

Braces dress hand me down, Originally TU | T shirt  

I haven't got any shots of the kids wearing there outfits this week as, well basically, I am a little bit crap and forgot to take any! Ooppss!

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  1. I love the zebra print top. I never think to look in charity shops for bits for Olivia, we give so much of her clothes to them though. The pinafore dress is also lovely i love the heart print.


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