22 Ways To Save Money During The Summer Break

In just a few days the summer break will be upon us, 6 weeks...just short of 50 days to fill with 'something to do'. We all know that the summer break can pull on the purse strings, so I asked some off my fellow bloggers for their top summer break money saving tips...

So those are my top five tips, now what about other parents, I asked lots of lovely bloggers for there top tips, here is what 17 other UK parenting bloggers had to say...

Beth at Twinderelmo second's one of my top tips and said ''Arrange play dates with friends and make sure you agree to swap so you get a free date in return!''

Cant afford a holiday this year? Then I love Jen's (Just Average Jen) tip to stay with friends in a different town for a few days and then have them back in return. Going to a park in a different town is automatically more fun!

We all know that the summer holidays cant all be about days out and holidays though, so what about when you are having a home day? Renee, (Close Enough To Kiss), tipped the good old carpet picnics! Even on the rainiest days this is oodles of fun! Deborah, says what we all want to hear it  OK to do and plan days indoor too - don't think you have to go out and spend a fortune. Bake and craft at home can be fun too!

I'm loving Carlas (rtoats blog) tip of going through toy boxes and rediscovering items and games that haven't been played with for a little while. If the children still have no interest in the toys bag them up and take them down to the charity shop. (OR why not hold a yard sale and earn some pennies towards the next trip out?) 

Chantelle. (Two Hearts One Roof), is planning ahead and has started saving household items and collecting boxes, bottles, egg cartons etc, then you just need, glue, sticky tape, paint, string etc and leave kids to create and build stuff, using their imaginations will be great too! And Jess, has been stockpiling a craft/activity box for rainy days. Grabbing things from the pound shop or cheapies from Amazon like colouring, painting, craft or baking kits etc. Its cheap but the kids love having a rummage through the box and keeps them entertained!

There was plenty of top money saving tips for days out too...

I loves Stacey's (Stacey In The Sticks) tip to take the kids on a nature trail with different things to find and activities like bark rubbings and collecting pine cones for crafts! This is definitely one we will be trying! Donna (Bobsy's Mum) also tipped scavenger hunts, and mentioned that there is some great printouts on the woodland trust website as well as other seasonal activities.

If you didn't believe me when I said lots of local places will hold free activities then think again! Victoria (Lylia Rose), Sarah (Boo, Roo and Tigger Too), Jess (Tantrums To Smiles), Jenifer (My Mummys Pennies )and Cass all agree and mentioned activities like park playschemes, the summer reading challenge at your local library, apparently it also worth a check if your local Pets At Home store is running one of their free animal courses (gutted we don't have one near us!), also tipped was to check your local council website for fun days or free activity sessions, some clubs may also hold taster sessions which means you can try lots of new activities for free. Check your local cinema for kids clubs. Lots of cinemas do cheap deals, our cinema does a 10.30 family movie showing every day for just £1.50 per person!

Naomi (Not A Perfect Parent) has being downloading Geocaching apps and see how many you can find in a set period i.e a couple of hours up to an entire day! (this is on our seasonal bucket list every year and I am yet to try it!!)

Beth from Bammboo ''Take packed lunches and plenty of snacks on days out (then you can buy nice coffee with the money saved!)''

Whatever you get u to this summer, have a good one and if in doubt remember Kelly's (The Best Version Of Kelly) mantra...The 3 P's...Parks, Picnics, Playdates!!

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