Sri Toys Wooden Red Riding Hood Play Set | Review

Some toys come and go, some toys last a whole childhood. When I think of toys that will last the test of time, I always think of wooden toys. So when Sri Toys got in touch and asked if we would like to review a play set, of course I said yes! I knew the kids would love to have something new to play with over the summer and as they love small world play I was really hoping we would get sent one of the gorgeous story themed play sets that Sri Toys sell....

Thrifty But Stylish Fashion Finds For Kids #7 | What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Welcome back guys! Another week, another outfit, or 3, to share! This week has been absolutely awful, weather wise, so the first week of summer has been spent indoors, mainly in our pj's but you know getting dressed on occasional days, if only for a couple of hours (in fact as I type this I am sat in my jammies, and its almost 11am!) Before school broke up I managed to get to have a look in the charity shops and grab a few bargains, if you are heading into town, I suggest you go and check out your local Oxfam, they stock mainstream stores 'seconds' and I have picked up loads of brand new Marks and Spencer school uniform for just 99p each! And I also grabbed some brand new Marvel bits for just £1,49 each too, I also spotted some brand new TU t shirts and shorts for 99p each too. They just have the tags cut out, so they cant be taken back to the stores as faulty. You should definitely go check them out!

Easy Banana Bread | Cooking with Kids

So you want to make banana bread, or more you want to make banana bread with the kids, you need an easy banana bread recipe you can make quickly with minimum mess and lots of enjoyment? Then this is the recipe for you and your tot! From scooping to squishing this super easy banana bread recipe has it all!

Cheese and Chive Scones | Cooking With Kids

Let me set the scene, you are wide awake on a Friday night/Saturday morning, you are less than a week into half term and you know that if you don't online shop you all may die in a supermarket trying to do a food shop with 4 kids in tow. So you do your online shop and you sleepily check out and all that jazz...Monday morning comes and you have promised the kids a picnic, you log into your app to check what time your shop is coming. Except's its not. You didn't actually check out and your weather app, says that its gonna start raining soon and its gonna rain until approximately 2 minutes past bedtime. You really do not fancy venturing out to the food shop let alone enjoying a soggy sandwich picnic! You search the cupboards and all you can find is some flour and a scraping of baking powder. And in the fridge the salad drawer is bare, alongside some 'it will do salad' you find some sorry looking chives,  a lump of cheese, a scoop of butter and the bottom of the tub and there's just enough milk for the rest of the day (if nobody comes around  for a cuppa) you're thinking to yourself sh*t sh*t sh*t... not even any bread to make a sarnie for the kids, you're gonna have to go shopping. In the pouring rain. With the kids in tow.

Well stop, stop right there.

That was before you read this post.

That was before you read this super easy recipe for cheese and chive scones,  oh and don't worry that the picnic was cancelled this recipe is one that you can cook with kids so should keep that boredom at bay, but it can get a little messy what with flour flying around...don't say I didn't warn you!

Thrifty But Stylish Fashion Finds For Kids #6 | What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Welcome back guys! Another week, another outfit to share! This week has been o hit and miss with the weather! Rain one day, roastie toastie the next...then back to rain coats and wellies...then back to sun cream and sunhats! I mean make up your mind already! Luckily Sunday was nice so I got to do my fave thing of carbooting for some thrifty fashion for the kids! I managed to pick up Jenson some Adidas for just £1, and Evie chose a couple of dresses, that I am sure will make an appearance over the summer! I found Ellie a couple of tops (which I will share next week in a holiday special...Ells is of on her jollies to spend 3 weeks with her Dad, so I thought I would hare some outfit inspiration whilst I pack!) for 50p each and for Elsie I picked up this super cute dungaree set, for a super cheap...wait for it...TWENTY RUDDY PENCE!!! Nope you didn't read that wrong...20p! For a 2 piece outfit, 10p a piece! I mean how could I say no!!

22 Ways To Save Money During The Summer Break

In just a few days the summer break will be upon us, 6 weeks...just short of 50 days to fill with 'something to do'. We all know that the summer break can pull on the purse strings, so I asked some off my fellow bloggers for their top summer break money saving tips...

Love The Sales Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

Imagine been able to shop the sales whenever you wanted, being able to just browse every sale at all of you favurite stores...from the comfort of your bed (or sofa...I mean...lets not judge!)...imagine no more people! Have you heard about Love The Sales? Love The Sales is a leading website for shopping the sales online. They partner with over 600 stores worldwide and find the best offers on the web for you!

When I first heard of Love The Sales, I just had to check out their website, off course I immedietly filled my online basket with approximately 5 million pounds worth of stuff, I stepped away and had a real think about what I actually wanted and could afford...I ain't no millionaire so the £5million in my virtual basket needed whittling down! From luxury designer brands like Michael Kors to everyone's fave high street store New Look, there is something for everyone! And whats more, the luxury brands might be more affordable than you might think! I found Michael Kors boots with a whopping 86% discount! 

And its not just clothes, I found Beats headphones for almost half price! I found Macbooks with almost £200 discount, I found a Bissel carpet cleaner with 50% off, I found a child's scooter, with an RRP of £400 ( people really pay that?) for just shy of twenty quid. 

It was not easy to whittle down from 5 million to the approximate amount of £30 I had hanging around in my bank, so I bought a few bits (haul coming soon to our YouTube channel) and then thought why not make a wish list for future reference...and to share with you guys...obvs!

Ted Baker Dress - 30% off
Wrangler Jeans - 45% off
Kurt Geiger sandals - 79% off
Boden rain jacket - 50% off
ASOS top - 70% off
Rebecca Minkoff bag - 70% off
Topshop sunglasses - 69% off

via Love The Sales

NEW Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Trading Cards and App

Every summer my kids go Moshi mad...every weekend we head out on a Moshi mission, searching car boots to find Moshi Monsters missing from our collection, something we have been collecting since Ellie was about Jenson's age, whilst she may no longer play with the Moshi's as she once did, they are still something she collects and keeps locked away!! Her love of Moshi Monsters was passed down and so Jenson and Evie (and Elsie) are all big fans of the figures too! We have a huge huge huge amount of Moshi's in our house so imagine the faces when they heard of the new app and trading card game Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt!

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Trolls Popcorn Mix

You know we love a themed popcorn mix we make them at parties and for special movie night treats, because movie nights are made for treats right? Some end up on Instagram, some just get eaten, and some end up here on the blog. Seeing as our fave movie right now is the Trolls movie, it seemed only right to make up a popcorn mix for a Trolls Movie Night...

This post contains some Amazon affiliate links. I've done the searching so you don't have too! 

Thrifty But Stylish Fashion Finds For Kids #5 | What My Kid Wore Wednesday

Welcome back again, if you are a regular around here you will know each week I have been sharing some of my favourite thrifty outfits, I love nothing more than a good old snoop at kids fashion hashtags on Instagram, so when I found the What We Wore Wednesday linky I knew it would be a linky I would LOVE!!

Super Quick Squished Tomato Pasta | Cooking With Kids

You promised the kids they could help with tea...but you only have a rushed 30 minutes to have something made and on the table...recognise the situation? Ohhh how many times has this been me! Promising the kids all day that they can help cook tea, but then 5 minutes on Facebook and Instagram turns to 50 minutes and whatta you know your pushing your luck to have anything made before teatime, let alone the kids in the kitchen helping too! This squished tomato pasta is super quick and easy to make, and gets the kids involved too! In fact you can have it all done in less than 30 minutes from start of prep to on the plate! Want to know how to make this yummy pasta dish? Read on....