How To Stop The Bleeding Gums | Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste Review

So you want to know how to stop bleeding gums? I have to admit to you that my gums and teeth are in an horrific condition, from not looking after them properly when I was younger and never really having a strict hygiene routine with them through teen and early adult hood, its easy for me to 'forget' to brush my teeth...just typing that makes me cringe...and actually that is a really hard thing to admit, and I'm not sure why because as gum disease affects approximately 50% of adults worldwide, so I can't be the only one right?

I remember going to the dentist. something I was already panicky about, when I was pregnant with Jenson and they started a procedure that hurt me so bad I cried so hard in the chair, the dentist had to stop,  he re-booked me an appointment, but of course I never returned. Still to this day the thought of putting myself through that again...just...

I literally have no words.

So when Corsodyl heard my story they got in touch and asked me if I wanted to try out the new Ultra Clean toothpaste, of course I agreed, here is my story...

Day 1..

According to Corsodyl  using the new Ultra Clean toothpaste twice a day is clinically proven to be four times more effective than a regular toothpaste at reducing the build-up of plaque bacteria, which is the the main cause of bleeding gums. In trials Corsodyl found that after 30 days use 2/3 of patients no longer worried about their gum health.

It sounds perfect for me, one of the things I worry most about being in front of the camera is what my teeth look like, in a rare selfie you can bet your bottom dollar my mouth will be hidden or closed and EVERYDAY I wear a scarf so that in a situation where I am close up to people I can hide behind the comfort of my scarf (which to be honest probably draws more attention to me but in my head I am covering up!) I need to drag some confidence back, I need my teeth in better condition, I need to stop the effects of gum disease before it costs me my teeth!

I've tried really hard to post a photo of my 'before' but I can not bring myself to do it with out getting anxiety about it. I have written before about my struggle with anxiety and I'm sorry but humiliating myself in front of all my readers isn't something I really feel comfortable with, sorry. 

6 weeks later...

I love it so much, I bought more! I really love the results! OK, so I don't have 'Instagram teeth' but it has given me more confidence in front of the camera (have you noticed I have been filming a lot more on Instagram stories) Although the toothpaste has a ummm desired taste, it is  something I can cope with for the results I have received, I highly recommend Corsodyl Ultra Clean Toothpaste, why not pick it up and give it a try yourself next time you are down the toothpaste aisle! 

I was sent this product free of charge for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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