Everdine - Clean Eating Meal Subscription Boxes

Now, you know I love a subscription box, especially if it involves food! After reviewing the Gousto box last month, we were asked by the guys over at Everdine if we would like to review their subscription service of clean, gourmet meals. I wasn't sure what to expect but I had heard good things from my friend Leandra from LarabeeUK.

When it came to ordering my meals, it couldn't have been easier, you chose your delivery day, then choose your meals. The Everdine website is really easy to navigate and the photos make you want to try everything they have to offer. From Cajun salmon to jerk chicken with pineapple salsa, each option is clickable and you have nutritional information and a full ingredient list, so you know exactly what you are eating! 

We only had to wait a few days and our order arrived, the frozen meals were courier-delivered directly to my door. And all the packaging was fully recyclable and specially packaged to keep the food insulated during the delivery process. I unpacked straight away, and shared our unpacking over on our Instagram stories (did you see it!) I've also shared some of our meals on stories too, they have had a great reception with lots of my followers messaging me telling me how jealous they are of my tea!

With this in mind...I don't have photos of all of my meals because I forgot that Instagram stories don't save to my phone (something I have only just realised when I came to putting photos on this blog post....what a fail!) 

I you think you have an idea what to expect from these frozen ready meals...think again! They are everything you dont think about when you think of a frozen ready meal! I received Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa, I was half expecting a few small chunks of chicken and a drizzle of salsa, oh how wrong was I. I got a full chicken breast, a generous serving of salsa and great chunks of veg that I have never seen in a boxed meal before! 

My favourite meal has to be the slow cooked beef and beetroot bourguignon. It was just delicious! The beetroot was just amazing, the beef was soft and melted din my mouth...it was everything you can expect from a fancy restaurant and nothing you expect from a quick 10 minute in the microwave meal!

The subscription boxes come in at just over £55 for 8 meals, but to receive an exclusive £25 discount from your first box click here! 

Thrifty But Stylish Fashion Finds For Kids #4 | What My Kid Wore Wednesday

If you are a regular around here you will know for the last few weeks I have been sharing some of my favourite thrifty outfits, you see I love nothing more than a good old snoop at kids fashion hashtags on Instagram, so when I found the What We Wore Wednesday linky over at This Mama Life I knew it would be a linky I would enjoy!

Usually I share our charity shop finds and hand me downs, but this week is a little different, Evie had her birthday last week and she got the cutest little Next playsuit as a gift from my sister, so I just had to share it with you! Everything in the photo is brand new, as I found some real bargains on my travels this last week, apart from the sunnies, I think we got them in the 5 for £5 sale at Claires Accessories last year.

 Playsuit, Next | Jelly Shoes, £3 Home Bargains | Cat Hat, £5, local seaside shop | Hair Bow 79p, Home Bargains | Sunglasses, Claires summer sale last year

Tshirt, £5(ish!) Peacocks | Shorts, 50p car boot find | Bunny Shoes, Next (in stock at time of writing!) | Hair Bow, 79p Home Bargains

Elsie's favourite outfit this week was a mix and match of new and old, and of course features her favourite superhero...but unusually for her...shes in pink this time! She cracks me up with her ootd poses...she is quite the Insta model, don't you think!

I promise I will be back next week with a few more outfits! I have a collection of 4 pairs of Converse to show you that I picked up on Facebook for £2 a pair! I mean how could I resist!

This Mama Life

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