Gousto Food Subscription Service Review

A few weeks ago Gousto got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out and review their meal subscription service, in the midst of the Easter half term break just and having 4 mini monsters at home it seemed like the perfect time to review, although most of the time me, Dean and the kids all eat together at least twice a week we will eat once the kids have gone to bed (usually on nights when it's been one of those days and the kids have a quick freezer tea or one of their faces, a picnic tea!).

The main appeal to me was the fact that everything comes ready prepared, ready weighed and measured and all you need to do is cook! Meal prep is one of the things that I really really despise after a hard day with the kids so this was the real draw for me! Prices start at £27.49 per week for two recipes for 2 people (what we have tried out here) and I won't lie, I have previously spoken about how I like to save money on our food shop, and the price of the boxes has put me off trying them myself, so what did I think? Was it worth the money and would I ever purchase them again?

After searching the Gousto website and choosing the recipes we would like to receive, we eventually decided on a couple and we were able to choose our delivery day (we did have to wait a little longer than you would usually as it was the Wednesday before Easter weekend so of course no deliveries over Easter bank holiday!) Easter weekend came and unfortunately for us me and Evie spend 4 days in hopsital and I totally forgot about our review boxes impending delivery when we finally got home on Tuesday night!

The next morning my phone pinged and a text came trough to remind me of my Gousto box arrival when the box arrived it was well packaged and very well insulated with lots of biodegradable packaging and cooling elements keeping the food fresh and chilled. After an anxiety ridden day changing Evie's dressings and administering her medicine myself for the first time, I was extra thankful for the box especially when I opened it to find everything was individually  labelled and even happier that, as I had expected, everything was measured out and ready to go! Seriously after the last few days we had had this box came at exactly the right time!

The recipes were written up on cards with a mouthwatering photo of the finished dish and easy to follow instructions as well as a photo ingredient list. That night, after the kids were settled in bed we got about making the first dish Sticky Chilli Beef Burritos with Lime Mayo. The recipe card was easy to follow and the recipe was very easy actually, I would be able to make it again without the recipe in front of me. Our meal took around 20(ish) minutes to cook and prepare and we were soon sat at the table enjoying our Mexican feast! Every last morsel was polished off and our bellies left very full indeed!

The next night Dean was ill and as the meat had quite short dates I was keen to get it used sooner rather than later and so Ellie grabbed her sous chef hat (not literally speaking!) and joined me in the kitchen to cook up an Indian delight, Curried Chicken and Sultana Rice,  It was really easy to make and the 2 chicken breasts were very generous in size. Again the recipe was easy to follow, so easy in fact that Ellie became head chef and I became her sous chef!! With it being half term and a rather busy night, what with being one parent down and half term so it was quite late by the time we ate on this night and unfortunately I didn't get any photos but I am hoping you all trust me enough to believe me when I tell you it was just as delicious as it sounds!

So would I recommend Gousto and would I buy them myself? The simple answer is Yes and Yes! The meals in our Gousto box made for a very a tasty treat and took the worry of meal planning and food shopping away, at a time when actually we really needed a little break from it, so if I knew we were about to have a bit of a week I would definitely order a Gousto box in advance! The only thing off putting for me is the price, to feed us all it would cost upward of £60 and that isn't even for a full week of meals, which would be pushing our food budget to the extreme. BUT saying that that £60 could be some families idea of a cheap week, its all relative isn't it? And the quality of the food was unlike anything I have ever eaten before, it has definitely made me think about maybe expanding our budget and trying out local food markets and our local butcher for better quality food when we can.

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Disclaimer: We were sent this box for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

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