Office Tour and Red Candy Review

I have been blogging 3 years now, and since about 1 year in I decided I wanted a desk area in my house. Well as usual it takes me years to do anything and last weekend I finally got around to getting it done! I couldn't let the occasion pass without a little office tour could I. The space I have is a small alcove at the side of the chimney breast,, so just a small space to fit everything in! So far its working for me and the kids have had fun using it for there homework too!!

My favourite thing is my grid rack, guess what I have a little secret...its made for use in the kitchen! Well, when I saw it I thought it was a prefect addition to our office area a great place to hang fairy lights, pin up reminders and little photos and postcards without damaging the walls with loads of hooks and nails and pins etc! 

The Copper Open Grid Kitchen Rack from Red Candy attached to the wall using 4 screws, it comes complete with five detachable hooks and a moveable basket and I think it looks great alongside our other other copper and white accessories. It is ideal where storage space is in short supply.  

The grid measure in at 60cm x 30cm and is a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, but I didn't actually look at the measurements before hand and well as we all should know by now, when buying online LOOK AT THE MEASUREMENTS!

I love the trendy look the grid brings to our office space, it pulls together all of the desk accessories and makes a great feature of the wall too! The grid  means I can peg up reminders and urgent letters without the use of an ugly cork board or bits of blu tack stuck to my wall.

Delivery was super fast too, and it came so well packaged, with bubble wrap and a sturdy cardboard box so there is no chance that it will arrive damaged! I will definitely be checking out Red Candy when I come to decorate and update other rooms in the house later this year.

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