33(ish) Top Tips For A Good Nights Sleep (for parents by parents!)

Hands up if you love sleep?  Now hands up if you think you do not get enough sleep! According to research we sleep for 25 years of our life! WOW! But research also shows that new parents lose up to 44 days of sleep in the first year...let alone all the years that follow. Because, my friends, let me tell you Elsie is 3 and a half and I STILL don't sleep all night every night! And I know I am not alone!

Whether it be the kids or worry and stress that keep you up at night (51% of women), or maybe its something else, when the #SleepExperts at Adjustamatic Adjustable Beds UK send me an email with the video below it got me thinking about how us parents can help ourselves get a good night sleep. So I asked around, I asked Mum's everywhere so that I could bring you this round up of top tips for a good night sleep for Parents BY PARENTS...

So that's what the experts had to say..now what about all the parents who I asked? Prepare for your best nights sleep ever, and remember to thank me later! Ohh before we carry on, a kind reminder that some of these are made in jest! I'll let you decide which ones!

Try not to go on your phone just before bed and let your body wind down naturally without bright lights straining your eyes - Beth, Twinderelmo

Hot shower or bath about an hour before bed. Throw in a cup of hot chocolate just afterwards. Fresh bed sheets, clean pjs. Absolutely living the dream! - Rachael, Lukeosaurus and Me

no coffee or tea after 2pm. keep phones and other devices away from bedroom as too distracting - Sarah, Let Them Be Small

I clear my head by keeping a notebook by my bed and jotting down any things I need to do or ideas I've thought of. I can then deal with them next day rather than worrying about them at night - Clare, Clares Little Tots

I always sleep like a log after a hot bath with a couple of drops of lavender oil! - Lyra, This Is Were I Blog

 For me it's sleeping (entirely alone) on the super-squidgy mattress in our guest bedroom! - Tracey, Pack The Pjs

Do exercise of some kind everyday! You Will always sleep when your body is tired! - Jon, The Money Shed

Definitely settle down before you go to bed, turn off devices, TV's etc about an hour before & make sure you'll be getting at least 8 hours. I always find I sleep amazingly after a nice warm bath & pamper too. - Claire, Dear Mummy Bear

Move out the children and the husband. - Frances, Whinge Whinge Wine

Send the kids out for a sleepover! Jaymee, The Mum Diaries

Warm feet! Get some really big baggy loose socks and wear them in bed. But don't answer the door in them because they look silly - Janet, Falcondale Life

I'm not a great sleeper but always sleep better when I have fresh bedding and a dark room to sleep in! - Carla, rtoats blog

Don't have kids!!! And don't have a dog either! Not sure who's worse! - Rebecca, Becster

I do breathing exercises that I learned in pregnancy yoga. I do long and deep breathes and imagine it starting at my toes and the breath in then travels up my body. This tends to work especially when I am suffering with anxiety. - Kelly, Nature Mum Blog

A comfy mattress with fresh sheets and pillows the right height....theres nothing worse to me than if my pillows don't feel the right height or my sheet is creased!! - Jen, Just Average Jen

I have a lavender pillow spray from sanctuary which I love. It definitely helps me relax, stop overthinking and get to sleep - Emma, Even Angels Fall

Clean bedsheets! They just feel so much nicer, I'd change them everyday if I could! 

Listening to an audio book! Lights out and audible always knocks me out. I listen with headphones so as not to disturb my other half. The only problem I find myself stuck on the same chapter for weeks/months. It's best to choose a book you know and love rather than a brand new story - Lynette, Reclusive Fox

Bath, pamper and fresh bedding. No phone and laptop for 2 hours before hand. A good book... bliss.

Ooh I was at an event at the weekend and we were told that you get the best nights sleep in total darkness. So make sure you take all electronics out of the bedroom and pop a paper clip or hair clip on the top of your curtains so there are no gaps! - Jennifer, My Mummys Pennies

A diffuser in the room with calming essential oils. Frankincense is good for aiding relaxation and helps with anxiety. It's a great oil if you have a partner as quite often they don't like lavender - Kirtsy,  Kirsty Dee

 It's squidgy pillows for me! - Lyndsey, Me, Him, The Dog and The Baby

Nothing better than freshly changed sheets - it always makes me feel like a new person! - Kelly, Lets Go omewhere Nice

Get a hotel... - Alex, Lamb and Bear

Putting my phone on night mode. It reduces the bright light of the phone, helping you brain to not be as active when reading, tweeting, blogging late at night! Sarah, Champagne and Petals

Switch all lights off! I can't sleep properly when there's light. - Beth, Life As Mum

White noise machine. We have a brilliant one that is made specially for sleep - Danielle, Someones Mum

For us it's whiskey and knowing we have a suitable monitor that won't let us down - Phil, Corporate Dad

Good pillows! I had had the same pillows for probably about a decade and was forever tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Then when we moved I treated us to new pillows and I get comfortable so much quicker! - Emma, Emma and Family

Leave the kids with the babysitters for the night! - Paul, Cheeky Dad Blog

Lavender spray, a hot bath, avoid stress and electronic devices directly before bed. Or if all that fails whiskey! - Kelly, The Best Version of Kelly

Audio books and good headphones so your other half has to get up to the little one in the night. - Suzanne, And Another Ten Things

So there are 33(ish) top tips to get you a good nights sleep tonight and every night! Which will you try first? Or do you have another tip to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

This is a collaborative post.

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