Five Busy Mum Beauty Tips

So back in January I promised myself I would take more time out for me, that I would make more of an effort, if not for me then or my poor husband who is probably sick of looking at my unbrushed mane and eye bags! But fast forward to April and here I am sat here typing with an unbrushed mum bun, and stained t-shirt (please tell me you are sat there reading this in exactly the same state!) So when Ellisons, experts in beauty, sent me through an e-book containing beauty tips, information about the right health foods to eat and how to look after your hair I thought I would share a few of the tips here for you...

1. Smudged Eyeliner is IN!

The unfinished eye is making a comeback for spring summer 2017! Forget the cat flick eye liner that takes so long to perfect, no Mum has time for that right? 

2. Night Time Skin Care Whilst The Kids Sleep!

The kids are in bed  so there is no excuse (well, except for catch up Hollyoaks and TOWIE) to not establish a good skincare routine involving exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising. 

3. Sheet Face Masks are IN too!

Sheet masks are predicted to be a huge trend this year. Unlike clay or gel face masks, these face masks are sheets soaked in nourishing, nutrient-packed serums with huge skin benefits, as well as being quick and easy to apply and remove. 

4. Dry Shampoo Is Your New Best Friend!

Did you know that shampooing your hair everyday could do your hair more harm than good?  Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils and leave hair dry. I'm not saying use it daily but dry shampoo is perfect for an instant refresh. 

and if all else fails remember...

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

If you really dont have any time for any of the above make sure you are drinking plenty of water, its no secret that water consumption is essential for a healthy body. Your body needs water to help build new skin cells, it will also help to keep skin hydrated and moisturised. Ideally, you should be drinking between six and eight glasses of water every day, mix it up with herbal teas and natural fruit juices which also contribute to you daily allowance!

This is a collaborative post.

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