Sands Alive Cake Shop Review

Just before half term I received an email asking if we would like to review the new John Adams Sands Alive Cake Shop set, knowing how much the kids LOVE Sands Alive I said yes and we waited for our package to arrive. Every time the postman came up the path, the mini monsters got excited! Would today be the day? Eventually the day came and they were so excited, they couldn't bare to wait!  And whilst a rainy half term day they grabbed their dolls and teddies and prepared a teddy bears birthday picnic....

The cake shop is the newest in the John Adams Sands Alive collection, with the set you receive white and pink sand, a tray, two rolling pins and some cake moulds. Evie fell in love with the pink sand, and for a short while refused to let anyone else touch the sand...queue a whole heap of arguments and threats that of they didn't play nice it would go in the bin (they know I would never go through with this and usual it didn't work!!!) 

The best thing about Sands Alive is that it never dries out, we have a set from around a year ago, and it is still as good as the day we opened it! Although their is less than there was to start with because my kids are incapable of playing with anything nicely and it ends up in every room of the house despite using the trays provided AND a tuff spot AND a floor covering! 

The mini monsters loved making patterns in the sand with the roller pins, and then making all sorts of  cakes for their bears and dolls, and then smashing them up and rebuilding them, to start with 2 trays came in super handy as it kept the colours seperate, but as I said above nothing ever ends up where it is supposed to be and so by the end of the play session both colours had mixed together! Although you can buy individual colours online so we can top it up if we wish. 

This is a real fun set for girls and boys alike, and erm Mums too! Ha ha!

Sands Alive Cake Shop retails at £19.99

Disclosure – we were sent one set of the Sands Alive Cake Shop for the purpose of this review. As always, all words, opinions and images are all my own

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