15 Awesome Dinosaur Play Ideas For Kids

I've decided its time to pull my finger  out, I used to do so many activities with Evie and Jenson and poor little Elsie has always been the one 'left behind' So last week I  planned some simple, quick and easy dinosaur themed activities because right now she loves herself a dinosaur or two! I thought I would share some of the activities that have kept us busy.

We have a small set of shelves that contain toys that Elsie (and the other monsters) can just grab and play with when they like and then I try and plan at least an extra activity a day, usually something that cant be left out, messy play, paint etc. So the last week on our 'learning shelves' I put dinosaur small world toys, wooden 'tree' blocks, stones, dinosaur themed jigsaws, puzzles, 'D' and 'd' stampers and ink pads, printables, dinosaur theme counting peg boards, dinosaur stickers and a variety of pens and papers.

Dinosaur Play Ideas

Some of the activities we got up to included...

Dinosaur Letter Formations Dino Dig in Sands Alive

Dino Maths Fun Dinosaur small world

Mouldable Sand Dino dig

Dinosaur Maths

Dinosaur Small World

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