Precious Family Time with Jord Wooden Watches

Time. Precious Time. Family Time. Time that seems so limited, time that seems to fly by so fast. Time that we waste. We all do, not purposely, of course, but we do.  Hours wasted in front of a computer, days wasted doing, basically, not a lot. This week Dean decided to take a couple of days off work. The bigger kids at school just me, Dean and Elsie for 2 whole mornings. A rarity and something we didn't want to waste. We took ourselves of on a little adventure, making sure we had our camera to remember the little things and Deans unique watch to ensure we were home in time for pre-school!

We ordered Deans gorgeous watch a few weeks ago, after searching the Jord website he eventually opted for this gorgeous Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood watch from the Conway series. The website advertises the watch as having 'chronograph functionality allows you to tackle your day, down to the last second if necessary' perfect for when you don't want to waste a second of precious family time! Upon ordering your unique to you watch, you print of a measuring tape which ensures your watch is made to fit you perfectly. 

And then, when your watch arrives (with free international postage), you are delved straight into luxury,  from the black gloss box that your package arrives in, to the gorgeous engraved wooden box which holds your watch, to the tweed cushion your watch is nestled into. Everything about the Jord brand just screams luxury and high quality. 

Dean was more than impressed when he saw his new watch, he is a simple man and to be quite honest not a lot other than cars or motorbikes impress him. But everything about his Jord watch impressed him. The presentation, the watch itself, of course, the little details, like the extra links provided, the wood care, the polishing cloth, the discreet drawer on the box that he found by accident the next day, the comfort of this wooden watch, because when I first told him about these cool watches I had received an email about he couldn't quite get his head around how a watch could be made of wood! 

The watch Dean chose costs $229 with free shipping to the UK.

For your chance to win a $100 gift voucher for use on the Jord website, head to the bottom of this post. There will only be one winner but every entrant will receive a $25 gift code. 

Back to our day of adventure, we went searching for ducks, counted daffodils, ran up and down hills, jumped from walls, played I Spy, ran away from angry geese, spotted diggers, played hide and seek in the trees, we laughed and we smiled and finally when it was time to come home, held hands safe in the knowledge that we had just spend our time the best way we could. 

Family Time.

Precious Time.

Time Together. 

Disclaimer: We were sent this watch free, all opinions, words and photos are my own.

To be entered into the $100 gift card prize draw click the 'Luxury Wooden Watch' link below.

Entries close: 16th April 2017
Code expiration date: 6/30/17

Luxury Wooden Watch


  1. my hubby has one of these wood watched and he really loves it - I think they're so unique!

  2. I have a jord watch and love it, this one looks lovely x

  3. That's such a lovely looking watch and so natural too. I didn't realise you could have wooden watches either!

  4. Ooh I do love Jord watches and even have my own! x

  5. I have a Jord watch and am a huge fan, they are so stylish and individual!

  6. That looks great, very stylish. I also had no idea you could get wooden watches!

  7. My husband loves his Jord watch - only comes out for best though as he has quite a physical job and he doesn't want to break it

  8. Wow, that looks really stylish. I will about buying a watch like this to my hubby:)

  9. What a lovely looking watch. I love the design.

  10. This watch looks great - I love the idea of a wooden watch!
    Great review
    Laura x

  11. If hubby wouldn't have bought an expensive watch in the Philippines already then this would be on my radar. I love the look of it and seen it so many times.

  12. Time is a precious thing, especially when you have children. I love the watch, the dial face is really lovely. I really like Jord watches


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