Easter Popcorn Mix

Its no secret that my kids love a themed popcorn mix they love me to make them for all occasions and as movie nights are our favourite way to spend time as a family, let me tell you, I have made many a mix! Some end up on Instagram, some just get eaten, and some end up here on the blog. The monsters have been bugging me for an Easter mix since they spotted Hop on Netflix (or similar!) a few weeks ago and this weekend they finally got there wish, an Easter popcorn mix perfect for an Easter themed movie night!

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Can we take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of these chicks and lambs! I picked them up in Home Bargains, despite my husbands moans about how we didn't need any more 'crap in the house' I argued I did! How could I write an Easter blog post and not style my photos with such things! He also knows that when he says this things I don't listen and so we are now the proud owners of 3 spring lambs and 4 Easter chicks who live on our window ledge! The kids and me love 'em...the hubby not so much!

What you need:
Mini Chocolate Bunnies
Mini Eggs
Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs
Easter Marshmallows
Small Easter baskets (to serve)

Chuck all your ingredients in a bowl and give it a mix to make sure that everyone gets a bit of everything! Serve in a large bowl with small Easter baskets for individuals. Enjoy your popcorn mix watching a fun Easter movie, Hop is one of our favourites!

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