See It, Say It, Spell It with Glow In The Dark Stars

My little guys love to spell and sound out words, if it includes letters then its always an activity that is going to get lots of use from my mini monsters. Especially Evie, she loves anything to do with sounding words out and spelling.

A fun spelling game perfect for first readers. With a fun space theme to engage young children

What You Need:

Twinkl space themed phoneme frames and space themed word mats
Glow in the dark stars
Permanent Marker

Start by writing out letters onto the glow in the dark stars, as many or as little as you like, I wrote out the alphabet twice, but probably should have done more vowels, I then printed out the frames and word mat from Twinkl and found a glittery piece of card for all of our letters to be placed on.

Evie was so excited to see this set up when she got home, she didn't even really need me to tell her what she needed to do and jumped straight in to finding 3, 4 and 5 letter words, saying them out loud and then sounding it out as she filled the grids up. We used some blank stars to cover the words she had 'done' on the word mat too.

To make this activity preschool friendly I used this initial sounds printable for Elsie and to adapt this for older children, like Jenson, we played a nonsense and real word game and just used the letters to make words ourselves. (This is where more vowels would have come in handy!)

This was a really successful play idea that was easily adaptable for all abilities.

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  1. Clever idea! Luke could do with practicing his letters and sounds more. :) x


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