Activity Time. Post It Note Letter Hunt

Elsie is currently obsessed with letters and sounds! We have to stop at every sign we pass so she can tell me which letters she knows! We played this letter hunt together activity together whilst we were having our dinosaur week and she hunted around the house for other D words and stuck post it notes to everything she could find...

What you need:
Post it notes

I also used a large 'd' flashcard for the purpose of copying and prompting. 

This was a really simple to do activity, Elsie had post it notes and a pen and we searched the house for 'd' items, every time she found one she attempted to write a 'd' and stuck her post it note on it! 

It was actually quite hard to find thing that began with D but she really enjoyed it and it held her attention for a good 30 minutes (maybe longer.) It was also a good way to encourage letter formation and mark making. 

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