Activity Time. Dinosaur Inspired Letter Formation Station

I have already spoken about how Elsie is obsessed with letters and as she always has a pen and paper in her hand I thought it was time to add a little letter formation into the mix. This little writing station went down really well, she was forming 'd's' in just a few tries and has since become more and more fascinated with letters which has ended up in letter hunts around the house. And us playing lots more sound and letter games too! Keep a look out for more ideas for play if your child loves letters and sounds too!

I grabbed a selection of bits from around the house, there is really no need to go out and buy anything especially. Don't have a white board? Use paper. Don't have any flashcards? Make your own. Add dinosaur figures to make it an inviting play space.  I provided D's in an assortment of fonts as an extension (no photos, but I printed them of from google!) of this activity for Jenson and Evie, as I know that at school they try to show that no all letters are written how they think they are written. 

This little station went down really well and stayed up for a good few days before they started to get bored of it, I will definitly try it again when we move our focus onto space next month. 

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