Activity Time. Dino Word Hunt (& Free Word Printable)

As you know (or at least may have gathered!) we have been focusing our activities on dinosaurs this last couple of weeks, I have been trying to find activities for Jenson too, which is way out of my comfort zone. I am, by 'trade', a nursery nurse, a preschool teacher, and so I wont lie, I find it really hard to come up with activities that will focus Jenson and encourage a little bit of learning. At 5 years old he is obsessed with words, all we hear is 'how do you spell ___' or 'I can spell ___'! So I wanted a fun spelling game for him, we had lots of rice left over from a mark making tray and it came in very handy for a word hunt in a sensory bag.

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What you need:

Ziploc bag
Letter tiles (we used My First Bananagrams
Gaffer tape (to seal the bag shut)

Dino word printables

optional: baking tray, gaffer tape, wipe clean pens.

Empty your rice and tiles into your ziploc bag, depending on how big your bag is will depend on how much rice you will need, but you need enough rice to hide your letter tiles. Seal the bag shut using gaffer tape.

Next we stuck the bag to the baking tray so that Jenson could copy the word cards and wipe it clean as he moved through each flashcard.

Jenson and Evie both loved this activity it was really easy to set up and pop on the shelf when finished, although we used cheap bags so eventually holes started to appear, but this shouldn't happen if you use the stringer ziploc bags!

(follow the link in 'what you need' to find the free A4 printables)

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