Ways To Save Money In 2017

As we near the end of February I think it is fair to say that those New Year Resolutions we set ourselves are but a distant thought, the aim to save all that money in that jar looks like a few copper coins in the bottom of a dish, the meal planner has had the same meals on it for 6 weeks and you have been to the gym all of once, and that was the induction...and on the way home you grabbed a takeaway...and right now your bank balance is looking very sad. So how can we get back on track and start saving the pounds? I thought I would share some of my top tips...

1. Cancel Things You Don't Need!

How many of you have gym memberships and don't go? CANCEL IT! Pay for Netflix and never watch it? CANCEL IT! Graze boxes and don't eat them? CANCEL IT! Online subscriptions that you don't use? CANCEL IT! 

I recently looked through my bank statements and canceled all the subscriptions and memberships we don't use, I know save over £30 a month! 

2. Make the switch to E-cig's.

OK, so we all know its not healthy to smoke cigarettes, but it doesn't mean that we don't know someone/smoke ourselves. did you know that the average smoker spends. In a 2016 National Statistics Publication it was found that the average cost was £228 a year (I personally find this a low amount but is true according to 2014 statistics) and with the cost of cigarettes hugely inflated in the last few years this cost will only rise!  Not only is it cheaper to use e-cigs but it has also been found that it is up to 95% safer too. There are so many kinds of vape starter kits out there, there is sure to be one for the smoker in your house!

Dean switched to e-cigs late last year, in the last 6 months we have saved around £180.

3. Switch suppliers. 

From broadband to energy, if you haven't already looked to see if you can get your bill's lower why not! I rang our Broadband provider and simply asked if there was a better deal for us, there was and we now save £15 a month and get exactly the same service!!

This is a collaborative post.

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