Valentines Inspired Popcorn Mix

Valentines and date nights go hand in hand right? If your Valentines is anything like mine it will probably involve a movie (that probably isn't in the slightest romantic!)  this popcorn mix is the perfect accompaniment, whether your movie night is a couple only affair or even if the whole family is involved!

What you need:

Swizzels Love Hearts
Foil wrapped chocolate hearts
Heart shaped fruity snacks
Mini Jammie Dodgers

This is so simple it cant really be called a recipe, just chuck all your goodies in a big sharing bowl and give it a good mix! Snuggle under a blanket and enjoy your movie with yummy snack!

Are the kids involved in your movie night? Find the perfect family friendly movie's here!



  1. Ohh yum! That is just the cutest popcorn I have ever seen :D x

  2. this looks fab. Such a simple idea but looks fab x

  3. Wow this looks fantastic my son would love it.. On the Christmas list it is 😊


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