5 Ideas For...Family Valentines Movies

Valentine's Day, you either love it or hate it! I, my friends am a lover! I can not get enough of red hearts, chocolates, cupids and Valentines tat that I don't really need! I have always celebrated it with the kids too, before I get jumped on by the Valentines haters, we don't go crazy and they don't get gifts but we sit together and make cards and we show our appreciation for the ones we love, although to be fair, Evie and Jenson make millions of 'cards' for us every day and Ellie is always drawing special pictures for me. This year we will celebrate with a family movie night with popcorn and snacks, here are the movie's that have made the short list...

1. Gnomeo and Juliet

Garden gnomes Gnomeo and Juliet have as many obstacles to overcome as they're caught up in a feud between neighbours. But with plastic pink flamingos and thrilling lawnmower races to contend with, will the star-crossed lovers have a happy ending?

2. Lady and The Tramp

The heartwarming tale of Lady, a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a freewheeling mutt with a heart of gold!

3. The Parent Trap

Two young girls living thousands of miles apart who have one thing in common: they are in fact identical twins. After bumping into each other at summer camp they join forces to reunite their estranged parents!

4. Beauty and The Beast

When  a magical spell turns a Prince into a beast, he finds that the only way out of his predicament is to win the love of the beautiful Belle. Belle agrees to come and stay at his home in exchange for the freedom of her father, whom the Beast had previously captured. At first she is repulsed by his hideous features, but as time passes she learns to recognise his true inner beauty.

5. The Princess Bride

The Princess Buttercup is saddened by the disappearance of her true-love Westley,  and finds that she now has no choice but to become engaged to the evil Prince Humperdinck. But Westley soon arrives back on the scene and, along with his mismatched band of adventurers, sets off on a daring mission to rescue his beloved.

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