Unicorn Inspired Sharing Freak Shake

It may be a new year and everyone may have decided to go on the annual health kick but, well, you know sometimes a healthy smoothie just ain't gonna cut it, and all you want is sugar (and even more sugar!) This unicorn inspired freak shake is a really yummy treat to share with someone!

What you need:
Strawberry Milkshake Mix
Strawberry Ice-cream
Candy Floss
Rainbow Drops
Rainbow Sprinkles
Fizzer Style Sweets (Like Parma Violets)
1 large Glazed donut
Pink Mini Donuts
Rainbow Rock on a stick

Start by making your strawberry ice cream milkshake, the amounts you need will depend on how thick you like your milkshake, I started with 3 scoops of ice cream and 6 oz of milk and whizz it in a blender add more milk if you need too, once you get your desired thickness add a scoop or 2 of milkshake powder and give it one last whizz before pouring into your mason jar glass.

Top the glass with the large glazed donut and push one straw through one side and the rainbow rock through the other side, top the donut with a good pile of candy floss, our pile would have been bigger but a certain little lady (...Elsie) decided to munch on it whilst I wasn't looking! and then complete the freak shake by piling the mini donuts onto the straw, use your fingers to top the candy floss with fizzers, sprinkles and rainbow drops. Add a couple of straws and your freak shake is ready to enjoy!


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