Toucan Box Unboxing & Review

You know we are big lovers of kids crafts and activities, we have tried many kids activity subscription boxes but they seem to lack the pazzaz, and after a few boxes we end up canceling. So when Toucan Box said they would like to send us a box to try out, I was looking forward to seeing if they had what it takes to keep my kids interested.

Toucan Box is a flexible craft and activity subscription box aimed at children aged 3 - 8 years old, making it the perfect sounding subscription box for my mini monsters! The fortnightly boxes, or monthly if you chose a bigger box, cost from £3.95 and contain everything needed to start (and finish!) some amazing creative projects! No more trawling shops and Amazon to find that item you will never use again, the fun can start as soon as that box drops through your letter box! And with all the activities deigned by educational experts you can be sure that your little ones are learning a whole lot whilst having a whole lot of fun too!

The boxes are fully customisable, with each box you order the recipients name is printed on the front of the box, Elsie has just started to recognise her name recently and her face was a picture when he spotted that this post was especially for her!

Elsie was so so excited when our Petite Box dropped through our letter box, even more so when she realised it contained all the materials needed for a fun and action packed Pirate day! And when I say everything...even the glue stick you need is included. You can see what we got in our unboxing video below.

Elsie got stuck straight in with the colouring in and quickly zoomed through the activity book! We can't wait to try out the rest of the crafts, pop over and follow us on Instagram so you can see what we get up to over the weekend!

We will definitely stick with this box for while, I like that you don't get too much stuff and that you get all the bits you need. If you would like to try out Toucan Box FOR FREE use code becky88ob (new accounts only, first box free)

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