The Siblings Project 2017 - January

I've been a long time lover of the siblings project hashtag on Instagram, the adorable family photos, pictures full of happiness, and for the last 2 years I have said that I will take part, for 2 years I have failed, maybe getting 2 or three photos of my monsters together in a whole year! This year I making sure I do it, so a couple of weeks ago whilst on a wintery walk I grabbed my camera and we took some snaps. In hind sight, 3.30pm wasn't the best time to do it, light was fading, the kids were tired and un- co-operative, so the photos are not quite what I was wanting. But whilst they are lacking in focus, brightness and light they are the starting blocks to this project, a whole year of photos of my monsters together...

A note to my darlings, my mini monsters...

The New Year has brought with it a big change...Elsie you start preschool. I'm not crying I promise. 2016 was the year you went from toddler to little person with the most amount of sass ever known from a 3 year old! Its the year your personality came through, as you stopped copying everything that everyone else was doing and became your own person. The year you became our very own Disney Princess, or maybe Spidermam depending on your mood! And we cant talk about the last year without mentioning your love for Halloween, as we trawled shops every day to look at the spooky goodies on offer! Pre-school, I know will bring big change, and I will so miss my little buddy, but it's time to let you out into the big world, to develop your speech, although you have come so far the last few weeks, to learn to have some patience, and to make lots of new friends.

Evie 2016, you started school, and made so so so many new friends.  It was the year you blossomed from a shy 'hide behind mummy's legs' girl and came out from behind my legs and smashed all sorts of new things from riding your bike, reading and writing to the more obscure things like swinging upside down on a trapeze! Whatever your do you do it with a smile and laughter and if you fall? You get back up and try again. OK, you may have a little cry, but once your are over it you are ready to give it another go and you are gonna make sure you ain't gonna fall again! 

Jenson, your 2016, was the year you turned comedian, as you made everyone howl with laughter at the funny things you did! Its the year he got a little braver nailing riding your bike with no stabilizers on your first try....but then lost a little braveness and became a bag of nerves for school shows! Its the year you became the best big brother and for the first time since I remember your dream of being a rock star was replaced with being a train driver, In 2017 may your braveness make a comeback as you continue to make us laugh and carry on being the best big brother you can.

Its been a tough year for you Ellie, you have struggled to find your place since starting high school, you think the world is against you, you think that you are always right, you think that everyone hates you, but Ellie, believe me you are wrong. Who can forget how much I cried on your prom? How I cried with pride at your primary graduation?  You, my girl, are loved more than you will ever know, and in a few years, you will realise that we aren't against you but keeping you safe, that although you aren't always right, your opinion  matters, you just need to air that opinion in a graceful manner, as you realise that screaming and shouting don't get you anywhere and that maybe...just maybe...Mum was right! I know its been a tough year, and I know we have a few more tougher ones to get through. But I also know if we do it with love, kindness and calmness we can get through it together, instead of screaming and hating our way through the next 5 years!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Aww these pictures are just adorable! You did really well capturing the four of them. Lovely keepsakes to have :) #SiblingsProject

  2. What lovely captures of them having such a good time together. That's what I remember most about all my siblings growing up is how much we laughed and played together. They are the best gifts we can give them growing up I swear. I look forward to the year of #siblingsproject ahead. 

  3. These are lovely photos and they look like they are having so much fun. Good luck with joining in, I do love making sure I make the effort each month x

  4. These are awesome. They really look like they're having so much fun!


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