Review. Real Construction from Jakks Pacific

Jenson has always been one to enjoy your typical 'boy' activities, if Dean has his tool box out then you be sure that Jenson is there too! So when we received two Real Construction kits from Jakks Pacific to review, the Starter Set and the Deluxe Workshop, you can imagine how excited he was!

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The Real Construction sets, aimed at children aged 6+, contain pieces  of 'wood' that are made from foam and come with all the materials and equipment you need to be able to make up a number of projects.

The starter set (£9.99 on Amazon) contains 51 pieces and you can create up to 2 projects. The Deluxe workshop (£29.99 on Amazon) has 129 pieces to create up to 4 projects. We started off with the starter set, because to be honest, I wasn't sure how well Jenson would be able to handle the tools or the materiel. 

The saw and the foam were very easy for Jenson to handle, although the plans were hard for him to understand and I had to measure and draw out the shapes for him to cut out, it would have been great if there were templates for him to trace, but it was no big deal and it was nice to sit and do something together. However, the trouble cam when it was time to hammer. The foam just didn't hold up to being hammered and we found the whole thing bent rather than the nail going in, so we resorted to pushing the nails in with our fingers instead. 

Jenson soon had his miniature tool box made and he couldn't wait to get started on the deluxe set...

and, with my help, he soon had his own 'wooden' dumper truck! Jenson absolutely loved the Real Construction set and gave it 10/10

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  1. This looks like a great kit.
    My girl loves to help my fella do a bit of DIY. This is something she would love x


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