Review. Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck

We have been big fans of Num Noms since they launched last spring so it was obvious that Evie would have the Lip Gloss Truck on her Christmas list! So when the guys over at Num Noms sent us one over she was one very  happy little girl! She had been desperate to rip that box open from the minute she received it, so how did it go down, and did she love it as much as we thought she would?

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The Num Noms truck is  a gorgeous white ice cream van trimmed and decorated in bright pink and teal and comes complete with all you need to make your own flavoured lip glosses.  Included is one special edition num (just for fun!), 3 lip gloss pots (2 in a shape of an ice cream cone, and 1 as an ice cream bowl), two flavourings, (cherry and vanilla), glitter, and a tub of lip gloss which should make 8 pots of lip gloss, it also comes complete with a cherry cupcake inspired pot and spatula and is topped with a cute spoon carry handle so the truck can go along on your travels with you!

Below you can watch a little video of me and Evie making lip gloss...

And when the lip gloss making fun is all over you can use the truck in your play, although make sure the truck gets a good clean first, because man lip gloss gets sticky! I read a few reviews that this set has limited use, as there are no refills available but we have found that a tub of cheap petroleum jelly works just as well. 

The monsters have all had so much fun playing with the lip gloss truck. From pretending to be ice cream van drivers, using it in the small world play and having Barbies lined up for ice creams, and of course we have gone through our fair share of lipgloss too!

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