New Year, New You?

Every January the start of the new year sees the start of the New Year, New Me statuses on Facebook and me and my friends always joke about trading our self's in for whole new people! The last conversation of such took place over our Christmas get together, so I thought I would share a little peek into what our list consists of...

1. New Faces...

From Kylie Jenners lip sucker thing to botox. From promising to make the effort to wear make up to bleaching our lady 'tache more often. The best one come's from my friend who had a um, plucking disaster when she was younger, fed up of drawing them on she is always going on about hair transplant cost and 'did you know they do eyebrows too!?!'

2. New Hair...

A new hair cut, hair extensions, hair colour, every year we say we are going to try at least one of these. And this year? Heck I need to cover the grey's...and my fringe needs a trim...

3. New Make Up...

We always discuss some new make up trends, from contouring (without looking like you have smeared sh*t on your face) to maybe trying that new shade of lipstick in the Avon book, it would however seem that, according to a programme I watched the other day, we are behind the times...apparently baking is the new contouring (and I don't mean baking in the kitchen)

Now, as you can imagine as the drinks flow the options become even more obscure and go from simple things as mentioned above to well, read on, but remember to bear in my mind this is a joke post no one is about to kill off the hubby or divorce because of the pots!

4. New hubby...

Divorcing over the car, bumping him off for Brad Pitt? Chucking him out to live in a tent because he doesn't wash the dishes and moving Jack from Eastenders in? Now be honest it wouldn't be a girly night without discussing who your new celeb partner would be! (Let me know in the comments below who yours would be!)

5.  A brand new body...

Fuller lips? Bigger boobs? A nose job or maybe, just maybe, a designer vagina! Don't lie we all have that friend who goes on about it (or has!) Are we brave enough to go through with it? Well I am certainly not! But if I did? It would be new boobs all the way!

This Is A Collaborative Post.

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. ha ha, love this post. I might go all out and get a new lippy colour this year - If I ever get time to shop without the kids! x

  2. How DO you contour?!? Just let the kids draw on your face or what?!

  3. This will be the year Tom Hardy marries me lol!!

  4. Hahaha wiping sh!t round your face!!! Don't forget the enormous black permanent marker style eyebrows! Great post, love it. #TheListLinky

  5. I'm with you on the boob job, I'm love one if I wasn't so scared of surgery! This really made me laugh, Ive never seen contouring that doesn't look like someone has smeared sh*t around their face! #TheList

  6. My celeb partner would definitely be Robbie Williams. No question. #thelistlinky


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