Living Arrows 03/52

For this weeks Living Arrows, I thought I would share a quick insight into how each of my little monsters like to spend their weekends. Individually they all love different things, yet at the same time, if I was to suggest we do something together, like lets go to the beach, they would all be loving the same thing!

This week Evie has been loving her Num Noms, she has not put them down! She got the lip gloss truck for Christmas, and we actually only just got around to opening it, so she spent the whole of the weekend playing with it. Jenson loves to do anything that he can join an adult doing. So whether that be going for a coffee (milkshake for him!), or washing the car, if he gets one on one time with an adult he is winning in his eyes!

Ellie is your typical pre-teen, straightening her hair, or trying out a new hair do. Playing around with make up, watching her favourite YouTubers. She would spend her day in her room if you let her! And Elsie? Where ever she is you can be sure that her doll isn't far behind! 

Living Arrows


  1. How adorable are their little personalities, it's so sweet to see how different they all are in some ways #LivingArrows

  2. I am dreading the pre-teen years! It sounds like they all have such different personalities - and that's one big Num Noms collection! x


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