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So for 2017, I don't really have any resolutions to speak off, but one thing I really want to do is a) improve my photography and 2) capture more images of the kids doing 'normal' things, because I love nothing more than looking back at photo from my childhood that were taken just 'because'. Last year a lot of the photos I took were review photos or 'fancy' photos for Instagram. So this year, as well as those, I want to document our year, I want this blog to be something, like an online photo album, which we can all look back on and say 'oh can you remember that'. So I have had a hunt around, asked in blogger forums and found some amazing photography projects to be a part of.  So keep an eye out for some monthly project posts like the Siblings project, the home life project, and this weekly project, Living Arrows, hosted by Donna at What The Redhead Said.

Living Arrows

So each week I will share a photo of each of the kids, although this week, I have found a photo each of them from over the last couple of weeks so that I can catch up! My favourite photos are always black and white images so this week I thought I would share some of my favourites!

Its really hard to get photos of Ellie, so I may have stolen this one from her Instagram, she got new glasses last week, black glitter Converse from Specavers and you can just see the glitter that is in them in this photo. There is a whole story to go with her new glasses...but we can save that for another day!

I know I said that I wanted to save the story for another day, but in the essence of preserving memories here goes. So we spent a very stressful  hour and 45 minutes in the opticians choosing glasses, To cut a long story short I took all 4 of the kids and they got very very bored, it resulted in me crying twice because I was so stressed out, basically it took so long because she is too big for children's glasses and has had to move over to the adult section, which wasn't easy as a lot of them were too big for her, I always thought there was a teen section, but not anymore. Anyway that along with the fact that she has a very high prescription means she is very limited in the styles that she can have. she eventually found 2 pairs she liked, then eventually managed to pick a pair, the opticians measured them all up, all that jazz,  and I paid (£58 for her glasses because she has to have special lenses!!!) as we were leaving I noticed she was upset, apparently the pair I had paid for weren't the pair she wanted, the optometrist had got mixed up and Ellie didn't want to be rude and say anything! Anyhoooooooo...I went and had a word they refunded me, measured her up for the pair she actually wanted and I paid again and we left. 

Jenson has been a erm, bit of a monkey this last 2 weeks, he is really trying to see what boundaries her can push, and it has resulted in me becoming a little bit of a shouty Mum, his bottom has seen the naughty spot far too many times than I would have liked and it doesn't seem to be working. He actually has a school project to complete so I am hoping this will bring him something to focus on as he hates been bored, who would have thought that  less than a month after receiving so many gifts at Christmas that a 5 year old could be bored huh!

Elsie, started preschool, her settling in pre-visits, every other day, started on the 5th and should have lasted until  the 23rd when she would start every afternoon, but she has settled better than anyone could have asked and on Thursday 12th she started full time!  

I'm not sure why, but the last couple of weeks, Evie has been waking in the night and then coming into our bed when she wakes up early morning, sometimes tearful, I think she has started having nightmares. Hopefully we can get past this quickly because between her and Elsie its like having a newborn again!

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  1. Children are all so different aren't they? Those new glasses look lovely - even if they were quite stressful to get! So lovely to see you linking up x


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