Home Life Photography Project 2017 - January

I recently came across the Home Life Photography Project, I absolutely love the idea of this and can't wait to join in this year. You can find out more over at Maybush Studio but basically the idea is to capture your home life, no posed for photos, just photos of your family doing what they are doing! I thought for this week, my first ever home life project, I would capture photos like a day in the life, I really want to get back to taking more photos, because actually I miss having 'normal' photos...so here goes our first ever home life project, so when the kid are older they can look back and say 'oh yes I remember that'...

Now, I had planned on taking photos all over one day, but well, that didn't happen, because by lunch time on Saturday I had forgotten. So over the whole weekend I captured little moments, from snuggling on the sofa watching movies, to changing clothes, please tell me my kids are not the only ones who change their clothes a million and one times a day?

I tried to capture all the moments, the good the bad and the ugly! Because when you have three children 5 and under, there are a whole host of tantrums! And also...Ellie, literally jut spends her days out at friends or on her phone, I am hoping that this post will make her realise she is on her phone A LOT!

We started of our weekend the lazy way! PJ's, duvets, and movies, whilst Ellie washed the breakfast pot's and got ready to go out to her friends house...very 'boring' but normal family life. After a movie, the monsters played builders with boxes from the recycling box and the toy tools. They build a house for the dolls but by the time I had grabbed my camera it had fell down! Much to their dismay! Then it was time to get dressed and head into town for the weekly food shop...nothing worth photographing and when we got home I totally forgot!

Sunday started with a tearful Evie in our bed, another nightmare meant she was too scared to go back into her bed, so we got up, had breakfast, coffee and a cuddle on the sofa whilst we watched cbeebies.  After changing into another pair of PJ's (who knows why!) Evie played with her Num Noms truck whilst I watched some YouTube. By mid morning Dean, Jenson and Elsie had joined us, leaving Ellie to a lie in, jealous much! After a tantrum from Jenson over something that I hand on heart can not even remember, him and Evie played xbox for an hour and Elsie took up a spot on the carpet to play Num Noms! Ellie played on her phone, Dean went to the launderette and I pottered around washed some pots, caught up on a few linkys that I had joined.

Sunday afternoon, we took Evie to a party and went for a coffee and a milkshake, before picking Evie back up and heading home for a Sunday roast and a bit of playtime. We finished off our weekend with school books and the Gruffalo on TV, before the mini-est monsters and Dean headed off to bed and left, me, Ellie and a messy living room!

Like I said, a very boring but very normal family weekend. Nothing special, just a standard weekend at home. 

Home Life Photography Project

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  1. Love the one of Ellie lit by her phone. You definitely start to see trends of things that are always happening in your home once you start taking photos! Thank you for joining in and well done on doing the creative challenge this month too, I think it was a bit out of the comfort zone for a few people so I'll try for something a bit easier next month!


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