Fruity Yoghurt Topped Bagels

My kids are never going to be kids who eat just 3 meals a day, they like a good snack, I mean, who doesn't, right? I always try and make sure we always have something different, whether that be peanut butter puffs, mini banana bread muffins, easy cheesy garlic bread or Weetabix brownies, it has to be something that they will enjoy and something that I can knock up quickly and easy. When ever I write these posts, there is never any planning, no behind the scenes recipe planning, I'm just a mum looking in her kitchen cupboards and the fridge and knocking something up from the things we have in.  On this particular day I had some yoghurt that needed using (thanks to buying a huge tub in the yellow sticker fridge!), some bagels a day or 2 past the date (but still OK to eat) and a bit of fruit that looked lonely in the fruit bowl, so I knocked up these yoghurt topped bagels, they went down a real treat and I have since been asked to make sure we have bagels more often!

What you need:
Bagels, we had the raisin and cinnamon ones, but plain would work just as well.
Natural Yoghurt
Fruit, we used plums and banana, but again use what you have 

Note, that I haven't called this a recipe, because literally all you have to do is toast your bagels, cover with a  good layer of yoghurt, and top with fruit. And there we go, fruity yoghurt topped bagels ready to eat.

These made a great snack for the monsters but would also make a nice breakfast, that look like it took more time than it does!

Whats your favourite topping on bagels? Let me know in the comments below. 

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