Faux Fur, Bagels and Daily Vlogs #LittleLoves

I have found that doing these Little Loves posts I have been feeling a lot more appreciative of things, as silly as that sounds, but suffering anxiety it really helps to focus on something positive, and if that is a series on Netflix, then so be it! What has made you happy this week? Leave me a comment below!

I have downloaded Gone Girl to Google Books and have started reading it after watching the movie over Christmas, its a good read, although I kind of feel like I have ruined the ending by already having seen the movie!

I have been watching the Crown on Netflix, for the second time. If you haven't watched it yet you should!  Claire Foy plays HRH in the most stunning way and I love how John Lithgow plays Sir Winston Churchill, and every time he was on screen I wanted to know more about Winston Churchill, so much so I have auto biography's and such downloaded to my books app!

You know when you hear a sing that you haven't heard for ages and it immedietly floods you with memories? We had Kisstory on, for the first time in ages, and they played Roger Sanchez, Another Chance, and so many memories, good and bad, came flooding over me.

I bought myself a faux coat! Its white (not sure what was going through my head!) and I ruddy love it! Although whenever I wear it, Elsie wants to wear hers and we look like crazy mo-fo's twinning with each other!

We made these yummy fruity yoghurt topped bagels for snack, they tasted amazing! Who knew that yoghurt on top of a bagel would ever taste good!

I managed to pick up the camera and film a day in the life, I haven't really done a proper one since Christmas and it felt good to get back on the saddle so to speak! If you want to watch you can see it on our YouTube channel from Monday.

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