Call The Midwife, Big Scarves and Weekly Vlogs #LittleLoves

You know last week I said how these posts have mad me more appreciative? My mood has been so much better this week! I have more patience with  the monsters, I feel like my anxiety hasn't been quite so bad this week, I mean it hasn't disappeared, but I feel like focusing on the good is definitely helping matters!

I haven't actually read anything this week, no blogs, no books, no magazines. The most I have read is celebrity gossip!  But, my friends, let me tell you...I ruddy love some celeb gossip! My obsessions this week, the Pete and Megan (TOWIE) fall out...WHAT WAS IT ALL OVER!!! Scotty T being Steph Davies baby dad...which can I add...Steph Davies, I am obsessed with the gossip. Should I be? NOPE! Do I actually really care? Nope! But its most definitely my guilty pleasure!

This week, I have been loving Eastenders! Have you been watching? I mean what IS Max's game?!?! Also this week, I have started watching Call The Midwife, I noticed it on Netflix, and clicked...I am officially OBSESSED!

What have I heard this week? Other than the Trolls soundtrack on repeat (my kids are obsessed and we haven't even seen the film!) I have heard this Loving Caliber track all over YouTube lately. I ruddy love it!

This week has been oh so cold! Like sooooo cold! Living on the east coast there is always the sea breeze making it feel cooler than it is, and over the last few days the Google weather app has set that the temperature is 1c but feeling -6c. I will let you take that in...3 school runs a day in -6 temperatures, therefore my savior this week has been big scarves!

I have spent my week putting together a week in the life vlog for our YouTube channel, I recently downloaded Wondershare software, and let me tell has been life changing! So much easier to use than what I had been using in the past! 

**Sound the proud Mummy moment claxon** This week Jenson was awarded the Wow Of The Week in his class for being 'a good team leader', I wont lie...I cried in his celebration assembly! Also this week Ellie bought home a certificate or 100% attendance since starting at high school and she has also bagged the part of the March Hare in the class Alice In Wonderland production! How exciting!!!!!!!!

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