#5 5 Essentials For….Painting with Babies & Toddlers with Clares Little Tots

Remember back in November I started this series? And then bloggers block hit and I couldn't even bare to open the laptop let alone open blogger. But that little break means that I have come back for 2017 and I am ready and raring to go! This week I am handing over to Clare from Clares Little Tots who is sharing her 5 essentials for painting with babies and toddlers...

Painting with the little ones is never something I’ve shied away from as a mum or childminder. As long as you’re prepared your toddler can have lots of fun exploring paint and beginning to create their first masterpieces for you to proudly display on your walls for years to come.

When painting I always make sure I have the following 5 essentials:

Aprons. I never let the little ones get the paint out without first making sure they have an apron on. Mostly I use old school polo shirts to cover them up for an inexpensive way to protect clothes but long sleeved painting aprons are best for babies and toddlers as they always seem to get it up their arms.

Table Cover. Although paint comes off my table easily it’s still a great idea to put down a wipe proof table cover (which I also use for messy play) to make cleaning up a lot quicker and easier and it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Washable Paint. This ready mixed paint from Scola is amazing and so far as come off anything it’s come into contact with. Even with protected clothes and tables I guarantee if there’s a toddler involved they’ll find away to get paint on something other than the paper (usually it’s my walls!).

Another tip is to add a tiny squirt of washing up liquid into the paint and mix to help prevent staining clothes.

Chunky Paint Brushes. To help little hands grasp the paint brushes I give my babies and toddlers these Chunky Paint Brushes until they have mastered a good grip on normal brushes. This helps to steady their hands and keep a good grip on the brush allowing them to get on with the painting.

Baby Wipes. And lastly I never get the paints out without a pack of baby wipes to hand. Having a pack handy means I can wipe up messy hands and faces before they run off as well as chairs, tables, walls and whatever else they might get it on.

If you want to see some of our favourite painting activities you can find them all here.

Thanks Clare, this a great list for anyone starting out crafts with their little ones. Do you guys have anything else you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to go and follow Clare over on...

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