4 Crafts I Want To Try In 2017

Every January I come up with a huge list of activities I want to try with the mini monsters, and as the years have gone on, and as they have started school, the crafts and things we do at home get less an less. Now as much as I do want to try and start doing more age appropriate activities with them, and I definitely want to start our after school mats again but I really want to start things for me too. So I have had a search through Pinterest and found a few crafts I want to try this year...

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1. Paper Mache Bowls

Ever since the lovely Maggy at Red Ted Art shared her video tutorial for watermelon paper mache bowls I have been desperate to make them myself! So 2017? Its the year! I am going to fill my house with paper mache bowls. Watermelon and orange bowls for the summer...these gold leaf bowls for my desk...pumpkin bowls for Halloween...you name it there will be a bowl to go with it!

2. Paper Flowers

I love flowers so much but I am rubbish at caring for them! I have a gorgeous book called Paper To Petal on order and cant wait to fill my windows with super pretty flowers that need no upkeep!

3. Learn To Sew

Last year I made a resolution that I would learn to sew. January has come around and I am still clueless! So 2017? The year I turn 33 I will finally learn to sew. Even if it is just to be able to sew a new button, I will end this year able to sew. Ideally I would love to be able to complete one of these awesome projects from Red Ted Art.

4. DIY Desk Accessories.

Last year my desk was all about quotes, quotes and more quotes. Postcards, planners...you name it it had a quote on it! This year, my accessories are going plain. But plain doesn't mean boring, and I am currently obsessed with all things acrylic (and gold!) after spotting these clipboards and pen pot's over at IHeart Organizing. And I ADORE this stationery lazy susan (although I think I would need the hubby to make this for me!) I will certainly be heading over to Simply Plastics on a few occasions this year and placing an order or 2! Oh and whilst browsing I also noticed they do pastel acrylic sheets, metallic acrylics and...wait for it...rose gold coloured acrylics! I literally think my craft shelf will be like an acrylic rainbow!

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  1. I love those strawberry keyrings - they'd make great gifts :)

  2. can't wait to see how you get on with it! Good luck x


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