3 Ways To Get Money In An Emergency

Life isn't always sweetness and roses, and I know better than anyone that sometimes that the money on pay day just isn't gonna last until the next pay day. For whatever reasons, sometimes you need money fast. Here are three ways I have got money fast in the past...

1. Sell some stuff.

Nobody needs all that 'stuff' that we all have, its not big news that as a country we buy excessively, so have a sort out and sell some stuff. Whether that be some of the kids clothes, some toys, your clothes (although I should be so lucky to have any clothes to sell!!!) And is there a reason you need a PlayStation and an Xbox? Facebook is a great way to sell stuff fast and not have to wait around for money. Don't have Facebook? Why not download an app like Shpock?  Another place we regularly sell stuff is CEX - an entertainment exchange store, we took a pile of DVDs and old computer games in that we didn't want anymore and we got £30, not only did we make some money but made a start on that de-clutter too!

2. Ask family and friends for help.

No one wants to see a family member or a friend struggling, and most families will agree to a short term help you out loan. Just like you would if you were ever in a position of being asked. There's no shame in asking for help, its better than getting yourself into a whole heap of trouble where money is concerned.

3. A Loan.

I know, I know, people don't like to talk about loans but sometimes needs must, and I am not ashamed to say that we have taken out a quick loan before. If this does end up being our only option make sure you find not only the best loan for you, but ensure you are capable of paying it back without leaving yourself in the same predicament over and over. No one wants to be stuck in a circle of loans.  And remember READ THE T&C'S, once, twice and once again!

This is a collaborative post. 

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